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My heart it hurts

Bleeding thru my body 

All of the pain builds up 

then comes tumbling down like karate

Left right up and down

For so many years ive hid my frown

Fear instilled upon the weak

many die too many blows to thier cheeks

my past mistakes regrets and hurts follow me around

permanent footprints in the ground

My tears hold value and make a trail

They flood these street past revealed

No matter where i run 

memories are undone

too many lies to control 

no longer fun

Contemplating overrating

half an hour every hour. 

my tears fall

fists to the wall

noone understands me

my heart stops beating

the tears start to fall 

for nobody but all

to see

over and over same sad song

just a boy and a girl

two who never belonged

what are we doing

always a mess

no wonder im not happy 

a home that has never been blessed

get it all down on paper

hurry no tests

before its too late 

putting pressure on your chest

never said sorry for all that youve done

never said sorry repeating a re run

Sorry im sorry 

I never thought i could have won

But sorry means nothing to you 

just another one of your power hunger funs

Chest is bleeding from all of the scars in your heart

im sorry i broke it

ripping it apart

how could you ever trust me again

tomorrow brings a new day 

as my head begins to spin

maybe my past wont get brought up today 

maybe maybe


no way. 

◄ Im sorry

Should i ►


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