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This Place That We Call Earth

This Place That We Call Earth


Have you ever seen a grown man cry?

Have you ever seen someone homeless ask you why?

Have you ever looked in the eyes of a child?

Have you ever seen a kid run and hide?

So many people in this world have so much FEAR instilled in them.

Constantly always going for the win.

Have you ever taken the time out from your life to wonder why?

Have you ever seen someone homeless dying on the side of the street? 

Have you ever been so hungry because you have no money and nothing to eat?

Could you take one hour from your busy life to help other people with thier lives?

At nights do you cry knowing how hard you tried, but getting nowhere just colder?

Have you ever seen your best friend die?

If not, think about it, how hard would you cry?

Have you ever thought about your peers that you've never talked to?

You never know, but they might secretly look up to you. 

Have you ever felt so alone?

Even when everyone is home?

Is this world as perfect as you want it to be?

Have you ever tried to stop and see?

Have you ever seen someone die because they were just too cold?

Have you ever lost a loved one because they were just too old?

Could you close your eyes and visualize, the pain of others deep down inside?

Could you take a deep breath and realize that you aren't so perfect and maybe by a blink of an eye

You could be that one who ends up LEFT BEHIND.


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