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Im sorry

Painful words thrown at my plate. 

Painful words filled with hate. 

No i love yous, i love you too. 

Everything i do bothers you. 

Time heals all wounds. 

Yet my heart was broken way to soon. 

Cant seem to find the way to tell you 

that your breaking me down it feels like hells soon to become.

my life. my world. my thoughts. 


I cannot find it in me to forgive you. 

Why do i sit here and allow what you put me through.

I cannot fathom another fight. 

Another cold loveless night. 

Blood doesnt make you family 

family doesnt even make you family

you are nothing to me 

not even a hope of a dream

I can tell that i have ruined your life

from that very first summer night. 

Idk why you kept me around

You hate everything i do 

every sound

Everything i have in life ive made on my own

all becuase you were to drunk 

even at home 

You are my mother and you are my father

but that isnt something i like to call you 

why bother?

what is a father that calls you names

what is a mother that drives you insane. 

I can get all As but you wouldnt care

I dont even know if you know when im here

What is a mother that allows such pain

from a husband or father who has curse me a blood teared stain 

I am striving to give my daughter a better life then what i had

i would think that that would make you glad

but instead im a low life "get a job" think twice

I wish you would just support me once in a while

That would be nice

But what can i expect 

when alcohol is your life. 





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