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What is an alcoholic?

What is an alcoholic?

When I was 2 you were all I knew

I had no idea what the bubbly juice was

But I knew it was good and it came from you

At 3 I can only remember seeing you hyper

Never understood your words were you speaking proper?

I don’t know what happened but mommy had to go

Now im just left here no soul 3 years old.

Grandma and Grandpa are extremely nice

Spent 10 years with them

Had the best childhood forgot who mommy was back then

But then mommy came back and took me

Completely shook me

After learning out crack cocaine was your downfall

And 10 years you spent fixing it all

Yet somehow at 13 I finally saw you fall.

Come over to autums house every weekend yall

Shes got the coolest mom

Well have a bonfire and drinks in her back yard starting in fall

Friends after friends thought that I had it going on

All because my mom would get us all drunk and wed all sing along

One shot two shot three shot four

Im only 14 keep the drinks coming MORE

At 15 I started to notice that you had to drink before you went out

4-5 drinks before you entered the bar

Youd always say to me you gotta make sure your toasty before you spend it all

16-20 I hated you the most

Because that glass was your daughter and I was your victim.

You started to hit me, hate me and call me names

Where was my mom WHERE

But I figured it was the alcohol that put you up there

Day after day night after night I watched you get drunk what a scary sight

After punches to the head my dad holding me down while you went crazy instead

Your drinks went from wine coolers to 50-50

Half vodka half orange juice knifty

At 21-22

I thought you were dying and you were thru

20 plus hospital visits

Pancreaitis, dehydration, not understanding where alcohol has left you


All ive ever wanted was a mom to be there

But alcohol is your daughter

My biggest fear

 You love it more then me.

YOU worship it its plain to see

How can I tell you that your losing my love

How can I believe that was there ever any love

Your not ever going to be able to be the mom I need you to be

Because alcohol came and took you long ago

Far far away from me

So what is an alcoholic?

Isnt it plain to see

Someone who loves the rush of liquid more then they love me

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Autum Doolin

Sat 9th May 2015 18:46

Yas!!!! thank you tommy !

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Tommy Carroll

Fri 8th May 2015 19:43

"Because that glass was your daughter..." says it all. Tommy

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Autum Doolin

Thu 7th May 2015 18:04

thank you so much!!!! ?:)

<Deleted User> (9882)

Thu 7th May 2015 09:16

and I am in total agreement with Michelle.Terrific! x

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Thu 7th May 2015 08:34

I don't have any clever words to offer. This is a compelling read. x

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