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Should i

As im sitting here trying to fall asleep 
I cant help but to constantly think
Of you and all your lies 
How you confide and cheat
How could I of been so dumb to love someone like you 
Not a man
Not a human 
Not a safe haven 
Who are you ?
How could you let me give you all that I ever had?
While you left me wanting more like the end of a chip bag!
How dare you try to tell me that youll always be here
Cuz winter came around and you hid like a bear
I put all of my trust into you 
I let you hold my daughter she was only two 
But all this pain you’ve caused to me
Im about to slaughter you 
I let you into me
Indulged with me 
Kissed me slowly till I couldn’t breathe
I gave you a place to sleep 
When nights turned into mornings you were the one holding me 
But I found it kinda funny 
I found it kinda strange
That for how ever long I knew you 
Your momma only knew my name 
And things started getting trippy when pictures dont remain
None of us together
It was hard to stay insane
You started selling me dreams 
Like well get that house one day 
But grandpa always told me 
The devil is a liar anyways
What im really trying to say is you broke me down that day 
When I let you in completely 
But you said friends is where we should stay 
I finally had found the one
But you had other plans
And two emotional weeks later 
I saw your girlfriend all over Instagram 
Pictures all over ones I couldn’t take
I love you 
I love you too 
Daggers at my plate
My heart split in several places 
Was it me or was the ground shaking 
Things I couldn’t take 
But a year later 
My mind has been awake
You weren’t a man 
Not for me 
You were like a dying disease
That I have finally let go of
Im free
Ill always be confused hurt a little 
Maybe bruised 
But caterpillars turn into butterflies 
No more hiding 
No more disguse
Yes you hurt me 
But I hurt me more
For opening and opening my hidden locked door
Its so hard to move on when that person was your thoughtful song. 
But pain is beauty 
All along
How can I forget you 
Is that something I should do ?
Or keep a little memory keepsake 
Of the flower that never bloomed? 



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Autum Doolin

Mon 29th Jun 2015 21:47

thank you so much yall that means a lot i will keep posting believe you me

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Martin Elder

Mon 29th Jun 2015 21:39

Hi Autum
There is so much power in your poetry as personified by this poem. Keep putting on the blog. I look forward to more.

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