Christmas Card Poem (2022)

Over the stillness
a silence greets our walk
alongside the snow
to your family,

the wind curiously absent
and no children
eager to build snowmen
or men walking their dogs,

a stillness greeting footsteps
that one sound
carrying us forward
binding us together in excitement,

that one continuous emotion
a love spreading us onward
across the snow
forwards never backwards


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5 days until Christmas Haiku

5 days until Christmas Haiku


Emptying the food shelves

five days until Christmas falls

panic rises high.



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Purely HaikuHaikuChristmasChristmas Haiku

Christmas Card Poem (2021)

Resurrecting ghosts
the snow blows under the bridge
beneath the train staiton
blowing a invisible bell
weighted in emotion

tunnelling over a day
foretold in images over frozen lakes
shawled over empty hills
and ringing bells pausing
in a silent moment of reflection

filing our footprints in silence
our hands into snowmen
wishing we had put our boots on
and our toches in our pockets

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Christmas Card Poem 2020

You say the snow is a magical thing
Coming down from the heavens like magic
Before joining up together on the ground
And Father Christmas throws it all down
Just to complete the experience

Drifting your happiness across town
Whether by car or bus
In-between two places on Christmas Day
When another downpour
Leaves the pair of us laughing

Telling each other ironically
It could only ha...

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ChristmasChristmas Card PoemWinterWinter Scene

12 days after Christmas

On the first day after Christmas my true love and I had a terrible, terrible argument and she threw a variety of pots and pans at me, so I strangled the Partridge and burnt down the Pear tree that my true, my true love gave to me. Things didn’t get any better by the end of the second day, when she started throwing plates at me like Boomerangs, and so, in a vicious frenzy I took ou...

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Christmas Acrostic

Christmas is something beauitful for me and
Has a subtle magic in it which
Rains down on you softly
Instead of screaming or
Swearing at you
That makes even the most minor thing
Mean everything
And creates hope so that it
Springs out of misery.

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