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It’s Your Birthday Dad – 30 December

It’s your birthday Dad

But I am feeling sad

Because you are not here

For whom I party and cheer


You love your chocolate cake

As well as some chips with steak

Always looking forward to your gifts

Your lovely smile automatically lifts


Today just feels so empty

I was looking forward to plenty

I am aching from the inside

This feeling, I can just not hide



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One Of Those Days

Just one of those days

That feels like a maze

Looking for what to do

Don’t have a damn clue


Ticked off the long checklist

Though social life is dearly missed

The clock is moving fast

Similar to battles of wave and blast


The lockdown is in progress

Oh what a punitive distress

Favourite places are all closed

Hospitality industry seems fully deposed



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A Rainy Day

The sound of rain

Similar to pouring grain

Streaming on the window

What a beautiful glow


Get on those boots

No need for trendy suits

Jump in the muddy puddle

Forgetting the pain and struggle


Rain drizzling on my face

Not moving from this place

Such a beautiful feeling

This weather is so appealing


Wind pushing the rain away

Come again another da...

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The holidays are finally here

Dance to the front, dance to the rear

Let the soul unwind and undo

Yet there is so much to get through


Countdown for Christmas has begun

But nothing much can be done

Back into lockdown, now tier four

No more guests knocking at the door


Last minute plans have to change

The whole process feels boring and strange

Lives must be save...

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A cute and innocent child

So adorable and mild

Was beaten by her mother

Which she kept hidden

Under the duvet cover

For the littlest mistakes

Which all kids make

Would be like torture

Similar to a day of scorcher

What is the need?

For such an evil deed

Mothers are usually caring

Not harsh and blaring

Those slaps and pinches

Like wild cats counting inches


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Stay Strong

Hold your head high

Ability to reach the sky

No looking behind

Just a stress-free mind


Face the hurdles

Travelling in circles

Forget the fears

Wipe away those tears


Listen to yourself

Not someone else

It is your freedom and life

Ignoring each and every strife


Be the strong one

Unique like none

Make it work

Joys of affliction lurk



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Let It Go

Let those grudges go

The world needs a glow

Life is too short

Let’s be each other’s support


No point being angry or sad

Let it go and be glad

So much to look forward to

Rather than sitting and feeling blue


Ups and downs are normal

Don’t be too formal

Close your eyes and lean back

No need to paint that heart black


Hold onto those that love you


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Time Is Ticking

The time is ticking

Quickly do the picking

So much on that list

Can shroud in the mist


Make use of the time

Go that extra mile and climb

No ending to definitive success

Just the green button to press


Hold on tight and firmly

And try not to worry

Learning new skills or hobbies

It will be part of many stories


Time will not reverse

Things can go f...

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Switch off your devices

And escape this crisis

Let your eyes close

As the imagination flows


In between a heavenly jungle

Where animals laugh and mumble

Joining them in their wildly dance

Observing the mountain from a glance


Swimming through the grimy mud

Similar to that of a crocodile’s blood

Smelling so natural and fresh

Watching fish caught in the mesh


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A Walk Outside

Waking up before the dawn

Getting those trainers on

Making the move outside

Join in for an adventure and ride


Grass swaying side to side

The ducks have nowhere to hide

The fountain spraying water over a distance

What a beautiful view and existence


Buses and cars driving by

White clouds covering the gorgeous sky

A mixture of tunes in my ears

The beauty of ...

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Helping The Poor

Helping the poor

Is on my list for sure

They are still one of us

Without money and shelter thus

My duty is to look after them

Being a beautiful gem

With a generous heart and soul

That has always been my goal

Giving some of my earning

Without betrayal or turning

Hoping to put a smile on their face

Showing them my love and grace

Probably not their fault

That th...

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Flavours Of Cooking

Cooking is an art

Comes from the heart

No right or wrong

Just be brave and strong


Get out those pots and pans

Play with ingredients using hands

Toss them all in with a smile

Taking care of the diners’ lifestyle


Flavours to enhance taste buds

Similar to the ocean floods

Though these can be varied

The ingredients all get married


A variety of dishes ...

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The Perfect Poet

Writing from my heart

Been like this from the start

No fancy words or phrases

So fans don’t fall into mazes


Love to make poems rhyme

Expressions and thoughts that sublime

Usually quite concise and punchy

Reaching different people in every country


Some poems are funny, some intense

Fans realise and start making sense

All coming straight from the soul


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That Time Of Season – Winter

Here comes that time of season

That always has a valid reason

Wrapping up in the cosy duvet

Similar to robbing the Goulet


Wearing those thick and warm socks

That feels like it is stuffed with rocks

Turning the heating on day and night

And watching the striking darkness, no light


Having warm drinks and soup

To avoid nasty aches and croup

Popping on the jacket...

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Want To Party

I want to party all night

Keep the stress out of sight

Not get into an awful fight

Just make the gloomy times bright


Lockdown is really killing it

No friends around, just sit sit sit

Really hope we get out of this pit

So once again lives can be lit


Missing the awesome old days

Feels like being hit with a blaze

No party means extreme boredom

Just staring a...

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Size Does Not Matter

Let me make you feel better

Your size does not matter

Every inch of you is beautiful

No chance of being irrefutable


Don’t hide your real beauty

Your sense of a simple duty

Show them what you have

Display those gorgeous calves


No need to feel insecure

If you do, I have the cure

Get those lovely hips moving

Your size will not stop you from roving



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Never Loved You

I never loved you

Being honest and true

I was forcedly tied

So I had to abide


You were not my sort

So I took you to court

Your true colours came out

Without me having to shout


Though we felt rumpy-pumpy once

I utterly found you to be a dunce

For which I paid the price for

Thanks to my mother for sure


A signature on a piece of paper

Does not mea...

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Being single is my game

It gives me so much fame

No arguments or blames

Or calling out dirty names


I am a good flirt

That is truly overt

Wearing a beautiful skirt

With my stunning red shirt


Not tied up with anyone

Just have one gorgeous son

Enjoying life and having fun

Not thinking about what is done


Feels like I am sweet sixteen

I am here and ...

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Trust is very hard to obtain

Once broken, it can cause pain

Similar to shards of glass

Totally difficult to walk pass


Times are changing so fast

People are not like how they were in the past

As some may have two sides

Of which one the mirror hides


The current timings make it hard to trust

Feels likes the heart is bleeding in dust

People can change instantly


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Move To The Rhythm

Let’s just live it up

Like an icy crystal cup

Whether sad or happy

Or just feeling snappy


Let’s move and shake

And wriggle like a snake

There is no right or wrong

Never weak, but always strong


Move to the rhythm

Blinded by the vision

Hear the sound and beat

Giving that ooze and heat


Shake off your body

Similar to a hot toddy

It will free you...

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Memories are to treasure

Bringing back blossom with pleasure

Regardless of the good or sad

It is the preeminent you ever had


Memories are like an album

Similar to that of platinum

Looking at what you went through

Visioning what you can do


Some memories are permanently wiped out

Don’t want to tell anyone what it was about

No need to keep them stored in


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Festival Of Lights

Here comes the festival of lights

The one that makes the year bright

Gathering, eating and praying together

Similar to the shining sapphire weather


Diwali is the time for celebrations

No need to send out specific invitations

The entire nation can join in

Regardless of race, ethnicity and skin


Let us all celebrate Diwali together

And remain as one forever


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I Am The Girl

All falling for my beauty

Because I am such a cutie

So elegant and naughty

Even when I turn forty


Doing the impish things

Using my gorgeous wings

Soaring fire that sings

Discarding vicissitudes that life brings


Turning the world from misery to glory

Disentangling the dim-remembered story

Similar to that of a limestone quarry

Do you understand my allegory?


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I am going to make you smile

Help you go that extra mile

It does not cost anything

Outfly the bird with your super wing


Smiles are completely free

Try it, at least for me

Your worries and stress will end

Because you have me as your good friend


Don’t hide your beautiful smile

Similar to paperwork in a file

Let it take over your burden

And cover it up behin...

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Fly With Me

Come and fly with me

You will be able to see

Beautiful colours of this world

That have gradually unfurled


Come and fly with me

Open your eyes with this key

Discover the charms of nature

And every happy living creature


Come and fly with me

Let it out and be free

So many opportunities arising

Is it not abundantly surprising?


Come and fly with me


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I love to open my wings and be free

Be as happy as I can possibly be

Leaving the sorrows and fears behind

Making it exclusively difficult to find


I am not into marriages or tied relationships

Though I still enjoy a kiss on my delicate lips

I don’t like being controlled or dominated

It makes me feel severely incriminated


I like to explore and be innovative


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I Am Real

I have a line of fans

Who clap their hands

Because of who I am

Not hidden behind the cam


I am a shining star

That can take you far

I don’t have two sides

Nor any surprising rides


I don’t have a mask on

Fresh like the beautiful dawn

I am undoubtedly real

Making me so ideal


Once you are in my world

I guarantee you will never be hurled

Because ...

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Why did you leave me?

The worst tragedy that can be

You were always by my side

It feels like there is no place to hide


You used to fill me with sunshine

Because you were always mine

Our bonding was like no other

Not the one you had with my sister or brother


Life feels empty without you

My heart feels tangled up in blue

Seems like you are watching me from hea...

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The Missing Sunday

Imagine Sunday being missed in the week

Similar to somebody that is scared to speak

It would feel like something is not right

As difficult it was to tell black from white


A missing Sunday means no rest

Nothing would be better or the best

No friends, family, games or fun

Like silent public streets with the missing sun


Sunday is about feet up with a cuppa

And pla...

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The Parcel Courier

When he knocks on the door

It feels nothing like before

He gazes into my eyes

Making my beautiful soul rise


He greets me with a smile

Standing on the doorstep for a while

Probably wants to utter some words

Similar to flocking and hungry birds


He seems like a charm

That can be of no harm

Though he is a stranger

I cannot disregard the danger


He does...

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Loneliness is a killer

Don’t look in the mirror

There is nobody around

Not a single scream or sound


The room is empty

Even if you count to twenty

No knocking on the door

The owls called out no more


Let me be the colourful fireworks

That gives strength and funny quirks

Killing this loneliness in seconds

Just follow my powerful beckons


Get up and da...

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Lockdown Blues

Once again we feel blue

Without having a clue

When life will go back to normal

Without getting too formal


The lockdown has begun

There is no place to run

I can only sense misery

That is causing a lot of injury


We need to make the most of it

To ensure we don’t fully quit

Maybe learn a new skill

Rather than just sitting still


Life does not end here


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Keep Trying

There are times when you will fall

And bang your head against the wall

Some doors will close for good

Even though we did the best we could


Many obstacles will appear your way

The aim is to not let them stay

Pull yourself together and keep trying

Tell yourself it is not worth dying


Keep pushing yourself to reach your aim

Fate will come to you with fame


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Why is there so much hate?

The world needs love of heavy weight

People are losing their faith

And scared to jump out of their wraith


Religion, ethnicity and culture are a label

We are all linked together like a cable

Why can’t we all be one?

And fill each other’s life with fun


It does not matter what your race

Or the colour of your face

We are in this world ...

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Dance It Out

Let your body groove

As you have nothing to prove

Life is too short to be sad

Or even become mad


No need to sit quietly

You can get up finally

Dance the night away

Like there is no other day


Let your body unwind

Just free your mind

There is no need to worry

Just hang on, what is the hurry?


Release your beautiful soul

As if out of control


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Love Is Blind

Love is a beautiful flower

Just like a relaxing warm shower

It does not matter what the gender

You just have to happily surrender


Feelings cannot be hidden away

Is this not what you wanted me to say?

No need to be scared of the world

As long as you are in my arms, nicely curled


It does not matter what the age, ethnicity and sex

Because love is not about being c...

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It Is Not About Money

Money does not mean everything

It does not give you the breath to sing

It can be a challenge to earn

Making the heart wither and burn


Love cannot be replaced by money

As it does not make life very sunny

But nowadays it is about the status

Similar to firemen wearing breathing apparatus


Money cannot buy happiness

Maybe just a little touch of tenderness

I canno...

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Express Yourself

Let yourself open up

Go on, break that cup

Show me how you feel

And I will make you heal


Don’t keep it stored in

Or you will never win

Look yourself in the eye

Let me help you reach the sky


What is keeping you curled?

Understand this is a free world

Where you cannot be controlled

As you are not a product sold


Let me dig into you

And see why you...

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Don’t Be My Guest Covid

You have hit us all so hard

My heart feels deeply scarred

When are you going to let us go?

You have already given us a big blow


Many lives have been lost

But how would you understand the cost?

You just want to take take take

And continue spreading the damn outbreak


Life has become so boring and dull

It has traumatised my inner skull

Let us live our lives to ...

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Spring's Paradise

As the Earth’s alignment is tilted towards the Sun…

And the number of daylight hours increase…

The trees put forth new leaves…

Making nature look exquisite and at peace!


In the early morning, we hear birds chirping in trees…

The cuckoos’ sweet notes captivating us…

The bees’ hum filling our souls with delights…

Prompting that Spring is here, so banish the gloomy gus!



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Dedicated To You

Let me thank all the famous writers around the world

Who have inspired me to get hold of my pen and notebook

Without them, my mind would have just whirled

Making me feel like an old pothook.


I enjoy delving into the writing of many famous people

From the well-known Robert Hayden to Emily Dickinson

These are just a few names to scribble

There are many more, which are yet t...

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It is hard to be happy

When you feel crappy

But we have to try

Before our soul says bye


Littlest things can cheer us

Or make us want to fuss

Let’s try and be blissful

To make time more peaceful


Happiness is like a rainbow

Which you want to show

Some colours may fade

But some may have a deeper shade


I want to be happy

And avoid living in the all...

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Every dreamer loves to dream

Either with eyes open or shut

Clearly they can see the gleam

An amazing feeling in their gut


Dreams may not come true

As god makes the plan

Dreamers’ heart may break in two

But they are back where they began


Life and dreams may not match

Which dreamers do not realise

Some prospects are there to catch

With a great deal of surpr...

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Being a mother is a miracle

Where it brings a shine of light

Even though condition was critical

It made my life so bright


My son is a precious gold

Which I cannot afford to lose

Even when I turn old

He will be the one I choose


Motherhood is an experience

That lasts for a lifetime

It has raised my intelligence

Way above the country skyline


How can ...

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The Jungle of Horror

As the night approaches

The jungle gets dark

I see the appearance of spooky cockroaches

As well as a bloodcurdling shark


I lay my tent near the creepy hills

Close my eyes to take a deep breath

Suddenly I get strange chills

Open my eyes to see dead Beth


I start running towards the woods

Feeling extremely petrified

I cover myself with two hoods

Till I hear ...

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The Eleventh Hour (Poem)

The battlefield is finally clear

Thank you to those that have sacrificed

Without you the country would have been in fear

And innocent lives would have been sliced


Let us all cheer for the victory

And the brave soldiers that put their hearts to it

This gave us the everlasting liberty

Otherwise our country would have split


Those with courage have passed away

But ...

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Life (Poem)

Life is a game

Without any shame

We have to move on

Before we are gone


Life can be challenging

We may be panicking

There is no way out

Other than to shout


People want to hurt us

And make life a fuss

We have to face it

Or fall into a pit


Let’s wake up

And be happy as a pup

There is so much to do

Without feeling so blue


Life is beau...

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