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The Wind

The sound of wind

The lights are dimmed

Watch the trees swaying side by side

Similar to an unpredictable tide

Let this wind erase your pain

Without leaving any harsh stains

The breeze brushing against your skin

Closing your eyes knowing you can win

Feeling the cold touch your body

Gazing at the clouds, since it isn’t foggy

Such a beautiful feeling inside out

Don’t ...

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Oh my sweet lover

Just let me discover

The beauty in your eyes

Without any games or lies

A gentle stroke on the arm

What a beautiful charm

Though we are far apart

Technology brings together our hearts

Enjoying every moment and feeling

Like stars pouring from the ceiling

A lost moon seems to have been found

Feet stuck to the solid ground

Lips chanting your lovely...

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Happy Days

Let the happy days kick in

Throw the past in the bin

It may have taught you a lesson

But you are still in the right direction

No need to look back

Relax and remain on track

There is so much to look forward to

Maybe travelling or visiting the zoo

Just let the magic unfold gradually

Good days come naturally

Just be you and stay patient

And focus on the nascent!

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People With Hearts

The world is full of different people

Some at home, others on the steeple

A few that shows care and appreciation

While others paint their true image with decoration

No two people will ever be the same

Some with pure hearts, others just playing a game

Making it difficult to trust and believe

Since nowadays it is all about lies and deceives

Being nice has become a crime


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Every Little Counts

Every little counts

So just announce

Small steps daily

Makes a difference greatly

Keep the motivation going

Like water gradually flowing

Just don’t ever give up

Clutch that miracle filled inside the cup

Let go of the fear

And just happily appear

In every step of life

Sometimes peace, sometimes strife

So celebrate every milestone

Either with everyone or alone


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The Feeling Of Love

The feeling of love

Like the blue sky above

So great and touching

With some kissing and hugging

The soul feeling amused

Two hearts firmly fused

What a beautiful sensation

Without any exaggeration

As if surrounded by flowers

The feeling goes beyond twenty four hours

One that has no full stop

Two bodies that just want to hop

Filling life with laughter and joy     ...

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The Breeze

The beautiful breeze

Tall green trees

Fluffy white clouds

Far from the crowds

Eyes deeply closed

Just want to be exposed

To the gentle wind

Oh what a cute hind

The lovely blue sky

Holding my head up high

Walking on the green grass

Watching the birds fly pass

What an exquisite sensation

Mood and weather, such a good combination

Want to feel this breeze fore...

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The beauty of summer

The feeling of a stunner

Barbeques and salads

Hearing sweet ballads

Going to beaches

Munching on peaches

Enjoying the glorious sun

Without hesitation, only fun

Wearing outfits and flip-fops

Even loose tees or tops

All geared for the season

That is just one good reason

Get your bags and tickets ready

Time to dance and shake like jelly!

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Lost In Paradise

Let’s get lost in paradise

Where the river streams flow and the air smells nice

No looking back and forth

Standing on top of the hills up north

Watching the beautiful white clouds

No sound of traffic or crowds

Such a lovely image to capture

Maybe one part of our chapter

The taste of delicious fruits

All dressed in outfits and suits

The party has just begun

With non...

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Love Games

You are such a beauty

Which I gaze like my duty

Perfection top to bottom

Always glowing, whether summer or autumn

Something about you I admire

My soul is always lighting up with fire

Expressed to you in many forms

So loudly, like the sound of storms

I see something similar in your eyes

Let us be playful and forget the lies

Why be hard on ourselves?

And be hidden l...

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What Shall We Call This?

Laughter and fun

Beautiful yellow sun

Gentle and warm touches

Which the heart clutches

Sweet jokes and banter

Let go of the anger

Does not feel the same

Just ease the fiery flame

The secret eye contact

Cannot resist for a fact

Soft and cuddly hugs

Not forgetting delicate arm rubs

The heart wanting to talk

How to start, let’s go for a walk

What shall we cal...

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Never Give Up

Whatever happens, never give up

No matter how empty that cup

Fall, but stand back on your two feet

Regardless of the sweat, burn and beat

Face those obstacles through your journey

Every experience is priceless and worthy

Don’t get put off if you lose a battle

Just let go and shake like a rattle

Behind every face, there are ups and downs

Many beautiful smiles, but equally...

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Live Every Moment

Live every moment

Life’s each component

One after the other

Without fear, just discover

The beauty around you

So blissful and true

Forget the negativity

And explore the liberty

The colours of the rainbow

The sounds of the tornado

Not forgetting droplets of rain

Erasing all the sadness and pain

Giving and receiving love

Watching the clouds up above

Hearing ...

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Aim High

As we enter the New Year

Forget all your worries and fear

Set yourself worthy goals

That may revive your souls


Don’t linger on the past

Life is going extremely fast

Live up each and every dream

Rise and shine with every morning’s beam


Show the world what you are capable of

Not forgetting to still spread peace and love

Reach for the sky and aim as high as you...

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