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Stolen Sleep

The Fact of no naps no snaps or snap backs

To wake you up from the fact you were never sleep

Can't sleep for the time you weep but seep

Into the fact that you can't sleep

Wanting to have dreams and past a test with ease

But I can't sleep

There has been a robbery where sleep doesn't reflect on eat

From the fact eat didn't take care of sleep

To where somebody has stolen eat and sleep


Can't think or go downstairs for a drink

Crept into the night gives others a fright and fight

To disturb or leave be but the fact that you can't

Can't take care of your problem of stolen sleep

Music supposes to ease you

To lay in a cloud

Where no one surrounds

But the surrounded sound of sounds

Where dream chooses to reflect on sounded sounds

`can't sleep but where at least thoughts can think deep

And maybe produce sleep

But not possible because deep seeping words don't always produce ease

But to where sleep needly needs cannot be taken care of even when needs are needed

But I feel the sleep but can't bring it out

Who has stole my sleep to where short day

What has got my mind to where it's gotten

Who had to get my mind to where it's getting

To where to sleep cannot be made

Is it frustration

Is it relief

Cause of evacuation of a situation

Power to a power sleep needs to be produced in less than an hour

Before school hours run past by where sleep produces at wrong timing

To where time in life is flying but time of mind is walking

Close your eyes with ease

No ease will produce but compose great feeling to where you can produce sleep

Sleep with no ease

Even though your sleep has been stolen

You can get what gotten back

And find how it's got to where it's gotten

Now stopping returned from flying or hopping

Back to the start I go

Ease has been released through words

And feeling to where there is a need of sleep

Sleep can be succeeded

And now I can sleep

Cause I produced ease

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