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Abstract Mystery

Updated: Wed, 25 May 2016 02:32 am

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Mask by Zakiya Johnson Self take inflate wide eyed anotherside to take and accentuate the way i’m feeling today facetime nope rewind new ways to describe my lifeline put on a mask no sunshine Snap! take a picture Snap! replace your face with another figure don’t represent your body figure when accentuating time being taken yep your time is wasting i’m represented yellow face and black eyes every face comes to a surprise it’s your life now no time to change part of your lifeline your lifetime your timeline time is up keep your face down your mask has risen from when you were an infant tis time was given eyes shut mask up Now trying to kick off hop off, leave it as a drop-off but you used super glue super super sticky glue where with you you can’t take it off stick to the doings of the situation now ya’ll are all accentuating time still being taken now you are wasting leave your mask on it’s your fault your body’s being taken slash not all can pass so just keep your mask your fault you didn’t see others are still going to laugh


Ego by Zakiya Johnson So well as friends For you destined lovers But for me the eye of the glass Is not clear Simple egg Did’nt think could get so big From the fact of destined love Turns into conflict From the power of a woman To the destiny of man From which perspectives are a blur To the place where better angles Enlarge everything of feeling Choices become conflict from your sight of eye To which say share hugs and fill spots To where woman no longer feels ok Because men and their train of thought Goes down hill from aboarding the station Track breaks where the path just gets smaller And smaller until mankind makes mistakes Everybody makes mistakes But its ure heart that makes most You just have to control the reject And not choose to go harder When hearts in action watch your actions As a human being love is a simple will Love is not a need if mankind is still living Which is your choice to bleed or breathe Reject from heart can bleed But simple fixable actions can produce breathe From the will of not being able to help Deciding to choose a new angle Understand your egg getting bigger Only makes the other smaller The irresistible feature In front of you Is really scared of being irresistible and being the cause Of a big ego that she declines The power of woman does decline what she What she does not want in possession Which mankind should respect But does not but instead feel more To the will not knowing feeling more The more you will lose Be careful of heart Watch actions Watch words Watch feelings Your path will end soon From the power of seeing a clearer vision

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R L Miller

Wed 15th Jun 2016 12:11

Thank you Zakiya :) I absolutely love your name on your profile. Abstract Mystery just screams poetry. I'll be checking out your work in the next couple of days.


Wed 25th May 2016 02:54

That's a great profile, Zakiya..not many can boast such a rhythmic introduction..

I'll be looking for more from you,


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