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one day i'll be a star

told you about all my hopes and dreams

I wanna be a writer and teacher,

the only things I feel like i'd be good at

you ask to see my work and I refuse to show you


a few months later I joke about how funny I am 

you say I should become a comedian

to be honest I've thought about it

why not dump all my trauma onto people and merely laugh it off?


after we broke up I t...

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the Good Book

generational forefathers
bore thine
fruits of their labor,

to an heiress

Oh, the burden
given to this poor mistook child.

the Fall of man—after death
40 days and 40 nights,
If we were to predate the Gregorian calendar
… spring too,
life—before Christ—dark
and light archangels
would earn their halos
from Helios through
sun worship,
during the 7 Days of Creation,
summer was mad...

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So what do I like most about you

Impossible to know where to begin!

Your eyes, your touch, your joyous grin

Your Golden hair, your poor red chin?

The poet, the dreamer, the lover, the girl

The horse back hero, the Tinker Bell

The ducker, the diver, the girl with the plan

The believer in miracles, the Liverpool fan?

The swimmer, the fighter, the joker

The mover, the scous...

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A Night Walk

I look up at the stars at night,

It's quiet and so dark. 
There's one that shines so very bright, 

I wander to the park. 
A bright and beautiful shooting star, 

A cluster of twinkling lights. 
I wonder if I could travel so far, 

Or climb such great heights. 
For I do want to see them all, 

To marvel in their beauty. 
Vast expanses I feel so small, 

Milky Way like the blue se...

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A dramatic monologue from a Submarine Captain

I'm in this long metal tube, alone in the deep.

Searching for something, but I can't really see.

I hear a noise, it sounds like a scream.

I gaze out the window, a Siren I spot.

She points to the hatch, I know that I shouldn't.

But her song is so beautiful, she entrances me.

I reach for the latch, I'm twisting the bar.

Shes nodding her head, she's captivating me.

I can't sto...

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May 17, 2019; 11:21pm

I find myself wanting to call you

A lot more often than I should

Considering the fact that I ended it

I miss you dearly

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break-uppoetryi miss youmaywriter

girl like me

a girl like me will meet a boy she loves and instead of loving them,

she will think only of the words she will use to describe them, 

when she writes a poem that night.

i am not ashamed of my soul that i bear whenever i open it.

a girl like me will write about every person she encounters,

and hope that for some reason they stumble upon it,

and spend the rest of their life wonderi...

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poemgirlhoodgirlpoetpoetrywritingproseshortstoryfeminismself lovewriter

bird watching

gracefully i perch on the edge of the bus seat, 

so as to convey my feminine, my eyelashes. 

each time the doors open my posture rushes to fix itself, 

my fringe blown out by my hands running through it. 

when i'm most worn out, 

on the days when the world is dragging its feet,

when my joints tingle with pins and needles. 

to look pretty on the edge of a bus seat is a fufillin...

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poempoetrypoetwritingwritergirlhoodnon fictiongirlsfeministbeauty

parties are the end of the world.

ive been invited to a party this saturday. 

i think i will go, 

i think i will get as drunk as i can. 

to feel the painful crushing weight of the sunday hangover. 

im going to act as if i am in a french film. 

i will tell each person a different lie, 

tell them something i've made up about myself. 

these people dont know me. 

dont know me at all. 


but whats more lik...

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poetrypoempoetwriterprosenon fictiondiaryself lovestudentgirlhoodwomanhood

star shaped stickers

when i see the girls who match my soft body,

when i see them wear the skirts, the tshirts, you know the ones.

well when i see them, i feel as though i must reach through to the other side

of the screen that seperates and give them a star shaped sticker. 

the stickers that, while they got their flowers, we coveted on our walls. 

it's awkwardly awkward trying to explain this to anothe...

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poempoetrypoetwriterteenage writeryoung adultfeminismfeminist writingfeminist poetrygirlhoodteenage girlsno fictionfictionstorylovebody positivitybody neutrality


who wants the teenage girl
sitting on her rustled bedsheets. 
stained tshirt, stained tear tracks. 
smiling, cooing and ooing at the people on the tv. 
blushing when he kisses the girl she wants to be. 
or when she sits alone in the cinema, grinning. 
toothy smiles, outrageous laughs
too loud even for the rest. 
seeing the best film in the world. 
then another best film in the world. 

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poempoetryprosenon rhymingteenage girlsgirlhoodlovegrowing painsgrowing upwritingwriternon fiction


I read her mind

she's like a book

no chapter worth a second look


my life-sentence

jailed on a page

brackets bar this printed cage


her musings pour

bound by rude glue

she rarely takes you anywhere new


she intends to

edit me out

I'm two two-dimensional; I cannot shout


other fellows

fill the pages

to supplement her bulging wages



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Strong as a bear 

You guide me 

Never write alone as I write 

There's a presence besides me 

Helping me to be the best to express emotions deep inside me

I didn't believe in myself the way I do now 

I didn't know you then as well as I do now 

Your girls they miss you 

I let them know you are around 

The signs you leave me 

The king you are crowned

Me I am the lucky...

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The One

People haven’t always 

been there for me, 

but the muse always has. 


Lighting my path, 

healing heartbreak, 

the one making life fun. 


Makes sure suffering is not in vain, 

dances with me in the rain, 

stays beside me come what may. 


I return the favor by making

my muse’s words known. 

Spreading love as we go.

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You compare yourself with me,

You tell the world I am wrong.


When you were the one who cheated since day 1,

And I was the who stayed loyal even when I had reasons not to be one.


I loved you unintentionally ,

You betrayed me all intentionally.


 I  healed you, 

You broke me.


I heard you out,

You neglected me.


I stood by your side, 

You left m...

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Death May Be The King Of Terrors

Death May Be The King Of Terrors


Each brush stroke of a word painter

Smeared bloody crimson red

Seen through eyes that recognise

The things that can’t be touched

Behind accumulated layers of gore

Where shadows are the surface

What is felt is hidden behind

What is seen 


So your mind fills in the gaps

gives corporeality to the phantom

even as the scalpel ni...

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napowrimo2020day 14stephen kinginfluencemaster of horrorwriterimagination


I want to tell you how incredibly

imaginative, creative, talented

I think you are with your poetry,

writing, music, art...

but I hesitate to expose our

eggshell-covered egos, 

fuel rejection, 

ignite impostor syndrome...

all live wires 

that threaten to electrocute

our fragile muse 

into submission 

of a numbed,

comfort-zone life. 

So, instead of shouting


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Burned out, hidden from the crowds inside of stranger's minds,
there are things to be found
in a time after time...after time.
But look,
not always you can read the last memories
inside of the universe book,
you always share what it takes
but now it gets more than you took.
No, stranger!
Nothing left to be undermined,
simple, eternal, contagious,
chasing ashes from those emp...

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poetrywritingwriterlove poetrynostalgicsad poetrySpoken Word poetry

...Even Then, We Are Happy...

First, from nothing scarce.

From the significance in first tormenting light after leaving the dark.

I wanted to mention how love saved certain severances...The blood and clay…soul molded and punctured body of constellations…


How we break free.

How my star falls tonight.


Into the root. Into the wind to feel the soil again. Like his hands wavering the beginnings of sun and s...

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...Die And Live With Me...

Dark birds hover around the wounds of the mystic. They are thirsty.

I am forrayed emitting light. Swashbuckling my shadow. Descending. Invisible ethereal mist...

The fog attributed to the charm of strangers. Colors harbor the noisy cloud of confessionals.

I feel the foam of ruins. Mirrors with cracked edges. Silhouettes...

Doors sunken within eyes. Sunny shoveled graves. Hollowed out e...

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poetmimicanedamatamywritingmypoetrypowerofpoetrylovesacredbondrawpoetryuneditedemotionrawwritingneverstopwritingcreativeoutletgenuinedepthhonestemotionpoetstorytellerpoetrypoetrysocietypoetrycommunitypoetrywrittenbywomenwriterwritersocietywriterscommunity past livesspiritualbondsoulbondsurvivingtogethersoul recognition

...We Are Us Jose...

I want to confess that the last minute is the bell tapered within his hands.

That single gesture of ominous struggle to wring out hazards and corridors. Rusted knobs like knuckles.

Eyelash fringe of frosted root. Cold clemency. Integrous beasts. We are jailed flutter. Inside. Within…


We free one another together.


I search for the maze of divine intervention and wings.

He i...

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...This Is Man...

They frame me in the milestones. Something like an unkempt garden. I am half naked in blizzards of truth. Temperamental hands unclothe me...




Because you love me whispers from adversaries blow at our threads. The nature of their beasts forget the importance of their Mothers...Of women. Umbilical iridescence floats away. Kites like thoughts lose strings...


I promise...

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Ghost writer

A shadow drawing across my notebook

a guiding hand for my uncertain pen

another mind thinking my thoughts

the ghost writer begins to take over.


Words from a different realm

sentences flowing from beyond

aiding me with my creative void

the ghost writer is taking over.


Holding my unsteady hand

boldly streams of words do flow

happy am I with my expressive frien...

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echoes in the dark chasing us away..
chasing us..

echoes.. are still down there,
..there they are trying to hear our call,
call them to come around we are almost free, almost there,
almost there..
..fallen angels on the ground..
on the ground..
broken needle in a hay ..
in a hay.

echoes .. forever and before,
..before we weren't the same in their e...

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poetry eventpoetrylove poetrywritingwriting poetrywriting walkwriterEchoes

Naked Souls

Poetry is a 
refuge for 
a lonely life

the antidote
for pain 
and strife

warm words 
a frigid night

tonic for thirsty sailors 
drowning in an ocean 
from which we cannot drink

To our deserted island we go 

while the world 
casts us loners, 
introverts, quiet
weird, crazy...

Let them judge 
as they wine and dine 
in crowded rooms 
on cell patrol

while w...

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poetrytruthoutcastslonelylifeintrovertcell phonesprisonsoulmusewriterwriting

You are not a writer... yet.

You’re not a writer yet, 

until your work is more than just some poems.

You’re not a writer yet, 

so don’t forget you must keeping going.

You’re not a writer yet 

because you ‘might’ by the writing bug have been bitten.

You’re not a writer yet,

if getting it right, means more than getting it written.


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humerous verseverseWriterwriting

Candlelit Cigarette

All these new things, 


Time passes through me like a breeze - 

But the hours feel like eternity. 

These cigarettes hurt me, 

But I can still breathe - 

My heart skipping beats - 


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I had that dream again...

I had that dream again...

You and me dancing on some random beach.

 I felt your hands on my thighs,

moving me gently with your warm eyes.

You were looking at me like if it was the first time, 

the first time of holding me with your warm hands. 

I remember it clearly now.

My head was resting on your chest,

I know you were smelling my hair and

playing with it just like y...

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There was once a man.

There was once a man,

charming in the flesh

He fell in love with a woman,

who he described her as a universe with the brightest stars.

She was his dream,

a dream that came close with his reality.

There was once a man,

bewitched with all.

He dare not speak,

for not to ruin all.

He cared for his beloved,

as if she was the heart of it all.

Until he met his dem...

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Don't use a sword for a word

True to
The saying
“The pen is mightier
Than the sword”
To your enemies
Deep-cutting and
Were every  of
Your  acerbic satire, also
Bitter-truth packed word.
“To ignore
His pen we ill afford
Nor could we
Fight him back
Word for word.
So covertly
Let us
Strike him  down
With a sword
About his whereabouts
Effacing a word!” they said
As a writer Baalu

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A garden inside of me

There's a garden inside of me.
It grows through my lungs
with roses and daisies.
It grows with my soul when it's touch by another. 
Though it rains, though time it collapses
It's still there, growing roses and daisies. 
With warmth and kindness, it's always there,
though storms pass and go.
It will always be there, my garden inside of me. 
With the roses and daisies of my life within me.


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now start breathing,

everything around is around for the same reason. 

Catastrophe, catastrophe its all the same feeling

i'm too old to move on, i'm too old to keep dreaming.


When to move on is to grow and to grow is not leaving,

in a promise land we grow, and speak of the same reason

we speak of heaven and hell like they're not the same demon.


Well to move...

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Beliefmodestymodestlifeepiphanyrelaxopen mindgodheavenhelljesuslordpoempoetryreadreadingwritingwritewriterlyricschillreligiondrugs

'Realisations' - available to buy now!

Hi all,

I have just released my third ebook 'Realisations' - a year after my debut ebook 'Open to interpretation' and it's subsequent second edition. It is available to buy now on Lulu via this link:

A brief preview is available for all three of my books on the website itself. Please buy a copy now and support ...

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Christian ReevePoetryEbookPoemsPoemPoetbooknewwriter

I Am not a Great Writer














I am not a great writer
But in my writing I can be great.

You only go around once

in this life.


In my writing I have visited

Haunted houses, been greeted

by my long gone Father, and

even been to space.


I am not a great writer,

but my Family supports

and encourages me.


So, Yes I am a great...

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Through an arthurs words a beauty is seen

Despite the never ending wonders
and the darkness it brings.
Life and nature itslef
brings a beauty so rare
that makes moments in life so specail.

And if we take a moment to stop
and really see with our eyes
we'll find something so breathtaking
that no play on words could even describe
the beauty that you and I seek.

That only a writer
could capture natures beauty
and just one wron...

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beautywritercapture beautybreath taking

Everyone's a writer these days...

Everyone's a writer 
These days
Poet, playwright, scripted scrawler
5am, cigarette, red wine bawler
Everyone's a writer
These days
It's the craze or just a phase
I don't know
But it seems knee deep in the linen of our lives
And the answer to any creative 
without a clue
who doesn't know what to do 
Or who rides the wave
in a depndent haze
of the ones who script our days
when they ha...

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The Trade Name

The Trade Name.


When the green fairy

kisses my lips

with sweet anise,

I take the grand wormwood path

just for jolly, wouldn’t you?



to mask her breath

of juniper.

A road

to mothers ruin.


The gas-lit fog

cloaks the backstreet

opiate dens,

where wretched

addicts lie.


Pastry faced women,

lifting ski...

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hoaxwriteranonymousjack the ripperabsintheginmurder




I fade away to nothing because you're not here. I know you exist. You're my contemporary who achieved great things. My twin flame. I want to steal you from your boyfriend by winning your heart and seducing you with my poetry. I know your language and will capture you, no matter what karma. Naomi stole David and they built something together. Trish and I will do the same. Her song...

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