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the Good Book

generational forefathers
bore thine
fruits of their labor,

to an heiress

Oh, the burden
given to this poor mistook child.

the Fall of man—after death
40 days and 40 nights,
If we were to predate the Gregorian calendar
… spring too,
life—before Christ—dark
and light archangels
would earn their halos
from Helios through
sun worship,
during the 7 Days of Creation,
summer was made with a winter in mind,
and the Knights Templar
sworn to protect… the covenant,
that, which is hidden, in plain sight
— remains a mystery to the eyes.

see no evil, hear no evil, speak no evil

Cristes Maesse—present time


The Spoken Word as holy writ in scripture

By the grace of god, I think I’ve got it

the gift of gab

I am the hand of god:

instrumental is the Holy Spirit;
who lives within the body of Christ,
and our gospel choir.

So full-

My cup runneth over—

let us bow our head,
as a courtesy to the
good lord, while we kneel before him

With his crown of thorns and rose water
(blessed by he himself)
an eternal offering
to the anointed — permitted to sip
- from the Holy Grail

The Alpha and Omega
trials and tribulations: and
“every tongue that shall rise against thee
in judgment thou shalt condemn.”
Last Days ?
the plague …
a proverbial holy war.

for; the good in the bad, having not always seen
…eye for
an eye…
we’ve never actually heard
each others side of the story.
Sinners! blinded by the light -

Wandering about… in confusion;
without a sense of direction,
lost souls at a crossroads,
seeking guidance on the path to enlightenment.

— even in the darkest night —
The Valley of the Shadow of Death
has a safe haven there, just beyond the veil,
where we are to take refuge…

Have you been saved? And to that I say,
I was baptized in blood at an early age,

I needn’t repent,
myself …
the seven deadly sins were put in place
to expel demons
cast away to the earth,
who “take the name
of the lord,
thy god in vain”

Sacrilegious - Blasphemy !
It is.
…to skim through the tablets
of the 10 commandments,
these affirmations are
the dialogue of god
from the heavens
to be accepted
into the hearts
of men and women

"I can do everything through
him who gives me strength”
… good God —
her compassion
has been the answer
to all of my problems
by chance, as luck would have it.

The Sabbath
(A week’s end)
for those who have done God's work …
“the meek shall inherit the earth”

Latter-Day Saints
Christian missionaries.

All praises be to the Most High—King of Kings

Three Wise Men and Virgin Mary
— mother of the son of god —



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