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The Fields Of Avalon


(Part 1)


I remember you saying

Back when we were young

That sometimes you felt

Like a song left unsung


That reality was fake:

Our dreams held the key

And there lay the truth

Of how life should be


You were the princess

And I, the dashing knight

who saved you from the monsters 

And a pit of endless plight


Down to the woods I'd go:

A ...

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Star seeds ‘n’ the Cosmic egg - of life

Dewy lotuses, 
grow in the dark -
creating an entangling —
Flower of Life …

nature and everything — we know — has its roots
on the grounds of truth
every family tree,
a tree house.

Habitats for Humanity  

There is a lone wolf
which is black,
and blue,
in the eyes :
whom sees the world differently
depending on —
whether or not you’re 
— on his or her good or...

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A little trip

In the abysses of your eyes

Launching myself

To take a little trip and realize

Trying to make sense.


I will probably find colours and

Infinite kindness,

Delicate magic imaginary hand

Giving soft caresses.


Or will it be a chaotic symphony

Precious music

Sweet anarchy you make pretty,

Beautiful archaic.


After all maybe it’s better not to.


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where we once stood

can’t you see it in my eyes?
can’t you tell by my face?
i romanticized the idea of you,
putting you on a pedestal,
we were surrounded by people but alone,
everyone thought we were incredible, 
but i could tell by the tone,
of your voice,
by the look,
in your eyes,
your perspective was changing,
and so was mine,
scared to be alone with you,
felt alone next to you,
now alone without yo...

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spoken like lovers

we were just friends,
that spoke like lovers,
and that seemed to be enough,
for two people scared to love one another,
awkward tension as I stare,
silently begging you to care,
shoving all my feelings deep inside,
denying to my friends you’re the one I like,
holding eye contact as we’re serving,
it would never work,
still that doesn’t mean we couldn’t try,
but until then...

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