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June 2024 Collage Poem: Under a Crystal Moon

Landing craft, full of movement and sound

under the just-boiled moon


We walk the walk and the guardian angel

will always be there.

The crazy people had a lifestyle to change

by choosing a good wash.


Taxi! Follow that moon!

I’m sorry my lights aren’t working.

Fear not my friend is here The Angler Fish

He lives in a hovel surrounded by woodland


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Under a Crystal MoonJune 2024Stockport WOLcollage poem

March 2024 Collage Poem: Footnotes in History

Intense embarrassment, gutted love


The fatal attraction of King George’s ruby letters

proved all too much


The accordion follows the footsteps

of the footnotes of history

up the stairs to the heavy door


Evidence washed ashore, dissonance not delight

and whisperings of the dead

estuary water floods over the road – wet feet walk


I Beech tree is a pedant...

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March 2024Collage PoemStockport WoLFootnotes in History

February 2024 Collage Poem: Strange Notes

Proud cufflinks punch drunken bees

fires of furniture at number 92

a sword of death a copper kettle

tick tock tick tock and the

glory of untamed flowers

who love to dance.


United in flames, the music bringing you

together, footnotes in history


Winnie the Pooh is still dancing


motes of morning light on the edge

of a life show doilies and discounted cake...

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Strange NotesCollage PoemStockport WoLFebruary

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