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Single Father

Youthful days are fleet and fast, adulthood it beckons
Maturity in years it grows, quickly in few seconds

Visualise your wings unfold and soar careers path
In dreams I see your face so small and hear mischievous laugh

Companionship vacated, in emptiness to wallow
Loneliness unfolds, bitter is the pill to swallow

Sometimes I yearn to rewind the days, erase the sorrow's tide
For you to ...

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In the Hearts of Fathers and Sons

In the dance of life, a father and son,

Bound by love, yet by fate, undone.

Split by custody, their time divided,

Yet in their hearts, forever united.


Through fleeting moments, they find their way,

In laughter shared and games they play.

Half a life spent in separate lands,

Yet still, they walk hand in hand.


In the father's eyes, a world unfolds,

As he watches ...

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That Day In June

I sat today midst the happy smiles

of a children’s song, and for just a while

I was happy too, for what else should come

from a happy day and a happy song.


But, it came again just like every June,

when I feel the pain of an open wound

that on every other day I keep

hidden far from view, buried oh so deep.


But I guess that’s why they made the day,

so that folks ...

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