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Love Enough

Love has so many forms by which it shows itself each day,

in simple acts of kindness made in quite heartfelt ways.


Sometimes it takes a hand and spends the time to show it cares.

Sometimes it takes a few steps back while broken hearts repair.


And every time two lovers finally cross each other's path,

it jumps with joy to have the chance to work its favorite task.



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loveletting goloving enough to let go


Sometimes love is easy, so natural and pure,

but often it isn’t that clear.

Like fog in the morning makes traveling unsure,

not knowing which way you should steer.


For what comes the day you must make the hard choice,

between two you desperately you need?

It’s like choosing whether to hear or have voice,

no matter the answer you bleed.


Then how do you make a deci...

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lovetornchoosing between two loves

Til Time Stands Still

It was a beautiful story,

I wish it was my own. 

It makes me think of you,

so every now and then

I turn it on. 


Was the first song we danced to,

it made us fall in love. 

Now every time it plays

I see your face, 

you’re all I think of. 


Why does it seem true loves

are always kept apart?

Is it cruel fate,

a form of bait

that’s used to crush the he...

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Treading Water

We sit across from eachother

Our hands clasped tightly over the table

And in this moment we have everything

And yet we have nothing at the same time

Eyes locked on our targets 

I can see your soul 

It's calling me like a beacon 

And I feel awoken 

We lean in closer to this moment 

Feeding off the energy like vultures to flesh 

I could drown in those blue eyes

If I ...

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The stars that fill the midnight sky,

or single grains of sand

cannot compare to all his works

too vast to understand.


What number counts the drops of rain

that make the oceans wide?

How many hours and days and years

fill up eternal life?


How far the furthest star lies from

the meager grasp of man?

How far across this universe

hath he stretched fo...

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mercygracelovegod's lovegod's mercy

For The One

Love is a game, a journey of sorts,

a search for the one who is right.


And of all the seekers, just what do they know,

are not all just travelers at night?


For it seems in darkness they search hill and dale,

hoping to find their true love.


Awash in the masses, a literal throng,

mixed in amongst push and shove.


And so, as you seek for to find it y...

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lovetrue lovepure lovesoul mates

the Good Book

generational forefathers
bore thine
fruits of their labor,

to an heiress

Oh, the burden
given to this poor mistook child.

the Fall of man—after death
40 days and 40 nights,
If we were to predate the Gregorian calendar
… spring too,
life—before Christ—dark
and light archangels
would earn their halos
from Helios through
sun worship,
during the 7 Days of Creation,
summer was mad...

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Feelings we cannot ignore.. 
Insecurity and jealousy 
prying open the door 
we had closed so tightly

When we had agreed 
not to take things so seriously
The intensity overwhelms me 
Lets just be friends and see..

"maybe its possilble
its impossible
let's just try
please don't cry 
I am yours, commited don't you see
I don't belong to you,
nor you to me 
but don't get it confuse...

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A beautiful curse

Your presence in my life was a gift 
for you showed me what I had missed 
The deepest emotions, you showed me they exist 

A love so deep is a beautiful curse 
for the harder you love 
the deeper it hurts

So now I find myself in agony 
Learning to live with missing what once was 
As well as never knowing what could've been. 

Robyn Holmes 
scribbles of a broken heart 


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Maybe in Another Universe

Maybe in another universe I would have felt the tightness of our embrace,

the way you held me close to you,

and I would have known sooner,

and recognised the feeling of being safe in your arms,

the same feeling I felt in every other universe.


Maybe in another universe I would have recognised you immediately,

I would hug you back tighter, squeeze you just a little closer,


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One Day

One day I will be able to write the beautiful poem

I have always longed to write.

I will no longer squeeze my brain dry,

only to churn out a



cliched line,

desperately trying to write something, anything,

on the piece of paper sitting hopelessly on my desk,

light, blank and waiting

to be painted with words, loving as Romeo and Juliet.


One day ...

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Left behind

Gone but never forgotten, is what they love to say,

but those waves will still hit, like nuclear shit,

Since the day we parted ways.


Just like that radioactive breath, that rots us to the core,

And eats us away, day by day, until once was becomes no more.


See the peace for you becomes my pain, your dreams became my twisted reality,

For the agony that you leave behind, w...

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loss of lifegriefsuicide held at baythose left behindlovefriendship

Final Farewell

My Darling,

You hold so much sadness in your eyes 

I can almost touch the scars of your soul and cry 

The twin flame I once saw in you 

Turned into a stranger 

Whom my heart cannot recognise 

Someone I never knew 

Thinking of life without you 

Makes me feel as though 

I will never see summertime again 

And the coldness of an eternal winter fills me with woe

No matt...

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