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Bonfire In A World So Cold

I’ve learnt that it comes and goes in waves.

But what's important is to survive the tide,

Stay on deck and keep on sailing until the end. 


It starts and ends with us, or either of us, 

But it’s the innumerable memories

And unfulfilled dreams that feel betrayed.


Life goes on, and people move on quick.

But honestly, it’s the warm-hearted who stays, 

Like a bonfire ...

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The Psychotic Lover

Oh if only you loved me the way I loved you

If only you had read those paragraphs I sent you when you didn't text me back 

If only you knew whos blood was on my hands to ensure you stayed safe

I did it for you 

All for you

What does it matter if a few people had to die in order for me to keep you?

Id burn this world and everyone in it to make sure you were mine

I need you


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Scríobh Amach Os Ard É!-Write It Out Loud!

Beannachtaí na Féile Pádraig Ort !

Happy Saint Patrick's Day!

Thanks are due to Siobhán of Bitesize Irish for the excellent videos on the pronunciation of Irish poetry etc.

My poem below is in Irish, in Celtic script. Below that, is the poem in Roman script and in English.

Apologies to native Irish speakers!

Scríobh amach os ard é,

Tá mé I ngrá le...

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me from afar

if i could love you in a good way

i would do so; the best i could 

but the sun doesn’t even set at the same time for us 

so i’ll continue to rot in this room 

until my last summer here turns to fall 

i would love you so dearly 

but i love you from afar 

and yet you still find a way to overwhelm my mind 


i apologize for the way i treat you

i warn you for the things i...

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Mi Amor

las explicaciones me fallan, Mi Amor


las palabras salen de mi pecho y son

aparentemente incomprensibles, Mi Amor


la felicidad que das, es como el viento

soplando en mi rostro, Mi Amor


es como la profunda bocanada de aire

que tomas en una fresca manana de invierno, Mi Amor


es como la sensacion de darle una manzana a un

venado en tu huerta, esperando que s...

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From New York, With Love.

When I'd first met you, 
Can't explain how frenzy I'd behaved. 
From the daylight butterflies, 
To the dark night fireflies, 
I could feel everything around me. 

It was a feeling out of this world,
Like how the comets collide, 
Like how the stars collide. 
And people have wishes to make 
Of the loved ones they desire. 

I made a wish too. 
To grow old with you, 
To get to the countr...

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Dear Vincent

Last night I found myself 

Walking in an alley in a French town. 

Strangely, I was dressed vintage -  

High winged collar shirt and a tailcoat,

Alongside few passing Victorian men. 

The calendar in one of the French windows 

Of a restaurant marked the year 1887. 


Down the yellow house, 

At the corner of Place Lamartine, Arles, 

I heard loud furious row. 

It sound...

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