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“In the coffee shop”

Frigid and blue 

They shake and you

Everything I know untrue

In the coffee shop


Here you are warm

Your collective reborn

Soul mended, untorn

In the coffee shop


long chilled hands

Comply your demands

Fill with java and understand

In the coffee shop


Heat with you now

Your digits and brow

Relax to the sounds

In the coffee shop


The ta...

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More Real

If I feel it,

it's real.

If I taste it,

it's real.

If I love it,

it's real.

When I lose it - it's more real.

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Fairytale - For V & K

An entrance to a fairytale waiting to happen,

Sweet scented flowers, second only to the story that's about to bloom,

Flickering candles mimicking twinking stars in the dark sky,

Like the love that survived through thick and thin, dark and light...


A slow stepped waltz, opening to a dance of a lifetime,

followed by a ballad about a love that grew from childhood

and an eternal...

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I think I need a jacket
It's getting very cold
I'll have a look online
It's very easy, so I'm told

I'm not sure that I like it
It feels like it's quite forced
As I swipe through all the options
But there's some I like of course

The first one was suitable,
The pockets just too shallow,
Number three felt like a winner,
Better suited to another fellow

I sometimes sit and...

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Lovehopesad poems

I Love Your Allure

I would never question your narrative— as it be, figuratively.

Cheers to another year: it’s ever clear — our glasses never get drunk.

(for all intents and purposes) spirited twin flames pour out libations to a personal god
No half truths with you.
I idolize your third eyes outlook on life...
Our inner visions - seen to fruition - showcase infinite possibilities
Granted we share the same ...

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'Seven Times'

‘Seven times’ ~ A poem for my younger siblings 

I have fallen in love seven times.

Seven pairs of eyes that blinked open

and looked back into mine.

My heart expanded into spaces

I did not know I had,

as your entire hand curled

around my single finger pad.

I no longer had but one shadow,

I smiled down to see now two.

Over the years,

your bodies changed and grew,


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Just This Once For You


Just This Once For You, And Only You

     A day is only little,
People walk, talk, eat and contemplate,
     quicken expectations or, hang every
moment on a hopeful obsession,

A day, gathers dust in Africa,
     tethers homes of Eskimo within
snow-like cocoons of inner sanctuary,
     where the ruddy glow of smiling
children quickens my envy – heart,

A day, can see a mount...

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Coffee With My Ex

"Why did it end that way?" she asked

when we spoke some years later


Two cups in we agreed

We couldn't find our way back

to who we wanted to be

It’s like our patched-up hearts

The bandages do come off

but they will never be the same

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