aghast, I'd not seen her for ages

a ghost of love my mind engages

but fate had turned cruel pages


beauty once soared from these features

hottest among human creatures

Nefertiti of love's teachers


still young, my experience rare

she'd flown me gently to her lair

the first woman I witnessed bare


two hawks preen on a pyramid

pecking morsels of new killed k...

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ageinglosslovememoriespassage of yearssexteenage passion



There they go again at it like there’s no tomorrow

Maybe they know something we don’t

Listen to her shriek and scream while they fuck

And I hear their bed collapse as he jumps from the wardrobe


The crack of a bullwhip is there connecting to naked flesh

I pity but envy what they’re doing pleasure with pain

They’re both sharing a journey together while I’m alone


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Rump Steak

she sells veg at

a market stall

red raw flesh is not her bag at all


shuddering at

a carcase hung

spring lambs slaughtered far too young



she likes my meat

licks and sucks and chews it neat


often rare if

I worked away

then it hardly leaves her mouth all day


when it's overdone

meat makes her sore

but ointment brings her back ...

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Crimson Hills

Kiss me on the willows love,
and frollock with me through
fields of succulent reds,
sharing whispers between the lily-bed
and sneaking kisses afoot the
crimson hills,
always knowing, 
you’re my naughty dream 
in the night time dear,
for whom, I bathe in red.

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promiscuityqueer sexualitysex

Hoe for a Season

Every now and again

She gets this feeling

OMG, it’s hoeing season

She’ll be a hoe for a season

Hoping to be teasin’, pleasin’ you

Ho Ho Ho, Hoe!

Ain’t nothin’ wrong about it

Ever met a hoe trilla than thee?

I doubt it

She’ll be your hoe if only for a season

Hope to be pleasin’, just teasin (wink)….you

She don’t drink, but she do keep that green

Oh, oh but does t...

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Last Time

You see, as I’ve been waiting on the love of my life

Waiting so we can walk off into paradise

Thinking I was in love

Once, maybe twice before

Now I know betta

So Imma do betta

But not before I hit up not bae

Told ‘em let me put this thang on ya

One last time

Before the love of my life comes

Knocking on my door

One last time, before we have to say goodbye

Let me ...

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nothing's certain anymore,

I dont know what matters,

confusion paints my head,

my inhibitions lie in tatters


I've found that special one

for whom I'd long yearned

to make up for those times

I'd had my fingers burned


always terrified of women,

felt they were over-sexed,

averse to the physical side,

passion left me perplexed


seemed safer to keep awa...

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Every Part of You

I want every part of you on me

Catch my rhythm baby

Let me pound you to the beats of our hearts till our souls get lost

Lets find them in each others eyes

Give me something to play with somewhere to start

Tell me where you want me to finish

That climax we been chasing is within our reach

Why are you running from me entering your domain we have been here to many times

Maybe ...

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#4 (calvin kleins)


Calvin Kleins,


French, lovers


not inclined,

in the norm,

to fondle


each other.

But I fold

an orgy.

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