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I told you I would die without you.


A part of me did. The rest of me fought to follow it.


And you might be back now, but death is permanent.


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友人 (Yūjin)

I let loneliness devour my thoughts whole, 


As it ravenously waits to ingest my heart and take complete control, 


It feasts upon my joy leaving emptiness to consume my soul. 

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Long exposure lover

My lover lives inside of long exposures
She breathes inside of my flashlight 
The shutter gazes wide eyed into darkness
I write her notes with this wavering beam
Capture my fast fading dreams by sunrise 


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Quarry Hill Flats

these days you order on line

vans implement your wishes

no cash shall change hands

for suds or tempting dishes


different when I was a lad

delivery boy on black bike

box of groceries out front

what immobile ladies like


up stone stairs and knock

"come in for a cup of tea!"

listening to old loneliness

smells of body odour, pee


dreaded old Mrs Granell...

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