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Whispers from Pandemonium or Once In a Blue Midnight

There were whispers that the reaper king Mortimer once lost his human form, his body, his shell. Among the reapers, rumors changed it to his soul being stolen.
This is what really happened,
Blake Alexander bowed to his audience from his stage so did his partner in his magic act Max Starfire. They dematerialized and rematerialized in their dressing room backstage.
"Max you never do things righ...

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The Haunting of the Necromancer

The Necromancer knocked on the door of the office of his father the king of the grim reapers nervously.
"Come in," he heard his father shout back. He walked into the paperwork-filled office to see his dad signing and reading papers with a quill and ink.
"Glad to see you give me an excuse to put the pen down. I hate this pen," the Grand Reaper said he looked like a man at that time.
"then why no...

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Lake Placid

Drown in the present
drink deep time's antidote to fill the minutes before and ages to come
Though lungs crave logic for ego's breath, the universe through just two eyes 
Drink in the present til spasms stop 
and brain stem stutters take root in the calm of time's demise
What plans to craft of future or past 
when time has breathed its last?
No aim, no blame, nor ripple furl 
of infinite o...

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The Blind Idiot God

The Blind Idiot God.

You line your mind with Eyes, my friend, to see what is unseen.

An eldritch truth, the horror here, will breed insanity.

A formless void, the Great Control, will Be from here to there, its whispers seeps inside your flesh, as terror rears its head.

The breadth of All ,comes rushing in, you try to face the black. You can’t succeed, it’s all for naught, as Eyes are w...

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Barely a arms throw away
from where you walked
the lights holds it own
to the darkness
leading to another world

oiling over the distance
like a door nailed open
at the edge of the forest
blowing a soft tease of a kiss
at the edge of your thoughts

peeling the darkness from behind
in a beauty in near silence
cherry-picking the moment
leading a different way out
to the way you enter...

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Yami / 闇

You want me darker,

So you inflict the pain.


You want me darker, 

So my heart is where your arrow aims.


You want me darker, 

But a glimmer of innocence still remains. 


You want me darker,

But when I can’t love I am the one blamed. 

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Thunder roars through the empty halls

Lost, forbidden, in the dreams of the dead

Desolation descends to answer the call

Of petulance, compunction and dread


The horror of the night, haunts the moon

As it shines on the blackness of life

Earth disembowelled by all it consumes

Distorting truth, fouling Gods paradise


Death reigns hard, as love is defiled

His cloak b...

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Behind the Smiles

Behind the lies and painted smiles

Lies wounds that cannot heal

The tormented ache of a forgotten world

And a heart that can no longer feel


The outward laugh, a forgotten touch

Defy the darkness inside

The horror of a mind debauched and lost

In a pool of tears, uncried 


A quick embrace and wanten love

Beleaguered by apathy and grime 

A soulless mess, a repul...

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