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Winter In The Sky

Steady beats the pulse of the sun

Wonder still leaps from its beams

Yet beneath a mask of bonhomie

That sad star is not what it seems


Watching its favourite run to waste

Hot tears escape that burning eye

Bound by nature to fry its offspring

Torch forests, put winter in the sky


What treasure this greedy satellite

Down the ages pillaged from space

Squandering ...

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That year I was published A LOT

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2017 was the year I had 34 new poems published. It was also the year I realised 'published' did not equate with 'good' or even 'widely read'' For example, towards the end of that year I had a major success - a poem on a high-profile website. My twitter followers rocketed (though, let's be honest - this is poetry, so not by much). Two days later I had another poem out, one I was happy with but knew...

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Dead Leaves

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Dead Leaves


You once grew green

On lofty branches

Defiant against the clouds

Fluttering in the breeze

But now the tree has gone

Just a pale ghost of memory

And the sky is dominant

In my front windows


Your first death was brittle

Old man skeleton scratching

Whipping up your decline

In whorls of frustration

And when the rain came

Like falling tears


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