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Who are you?

and where are you going?

What is your purpose? 

Are you all knowing?

Always here, always near,

every breath I shared with you.

I spent my life right by your side, 

and still I do not know you.

Time, are you just a 

fragment of my mind?

Something we made up 

because our senses make us blind?

Can we not comprehend 

the whole eternity?


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The power of giving

what is life without a fight
without rights
do we live to fight for our rights
when is it right to fight
to write about fighting for rights in this life
this short life
before you know it it's over
it's done
your day has gone
the only rights you got now are your last
last rights
they're flashing before you
visions of all that you seen and who saw you
your brothers your siste...

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He bows at her body, thankful and polite, acknowledges the service, plays the part.

She smiles at stories, smart enough to be cynical but hopeful enough to be happy. 

He takes out a notepad and pretends not to watch for a reaction 

As she reads his silver words

As she reads his mind through the blunt tool of his silver words.

He runs. 

He thinks he’s wrong because she told h...

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