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Blubber boy.

He's fallen to his death on his plastic toy sword. 

To number ten from playpen his final reward.

This graceless coup is no coup de grace. 

No comedy of euros,  a cabinet farce, 

an egotistic act from flabby flatulent arse.


He'll be all over telly soon 

our fatty blundering hot air buffoon.

Puffing Shakespeare and Latin.

Please down let that twat in. 

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Boris JohnsonBrexitConservativesEUpolitics


Condemning the evil that I clearly see 

Condemning the evil inside of me 

And you, and every politician priest and Jew

No I’m not antisemitic

So stop with that rhetoric

I’m anti elitist anti inequality 

anti facilitating systems that suppress autonomy     

It’s just a continuation 

of the rise and fall of nations 

Empires shifting to the west 

They leave destruction a...

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autonomyconsciousnesseartheconomyeliteempiresfreedomGeorge OrwellInequalityinjusticenationspoliticsreligiousslaverysuppressionwealth


Creativity is a manifestation 

Of dealing with life and the sins of creation  

We realise corruption and premeditation 

We seek to find beauty in all things misshapen 

We search for the glimmer of holyistic light 

To blur out the badness with beauty through site 

Or drown out the devil with music and words 

That reflects our supression & feelings to the life we’d have preferre...

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