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Two more days

My eyes fall on the calendar And my heart races… Just two more days… Two more days from the worst of so much and For so many, Not that anyone needs a calendar as a reminder … Our fear is our continuous reminder. As “The” day comes closer, the sadness in our hearts gets deeper… The pain we have torturously endured for a year gets heavier… An almost unbearable weight to carry, “God help us! Has it...

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Wednesdays lost

Wednesdays Lost As “The” day draws nearer Spirits sink lower Fears rise, higher. Not completely sure why, It’s as if we expect something…or “That” to happen again… Anything worse…is impossible! Still so unbelievable _ surreal almost. Two months short of a year And we continue to struggle to grasp the fact_ You’re gone! How do you go about planning an Angel Day…? When you can’t believe… Yet reg...

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Helpless Still

Six months, ten days have passed Yet nothing has changed

Time has not started since that April day…

Sadness remains Tears constant

Helpless still…

Days remind me of a rollercoaster ride Not one you enjoy…

But the dreaded kind… Where every uncertain second So unkind

One day bearable… The next, a bottomless pit…

Falling, Anger overwhelming Emptiness always …

Helpless still


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The loss of human nature

I live by necessity,

I compromise my desires

for security.  Ideals

compromised for base comforts.


I play by rules I believe

to be fundamentally

unfair.  I envy the gulls

I lie watching at the coast.


They live by urge - fly here, fly

there - investigate a pile

of seaweed, take off out to

sea to sit and bob for hours.


I envy the fox, living

by in...

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griefhuman natureloss


by : Mirza Sharafat Hussain

Tere  janey  ke  baad  hawayein  beyqaraar
Khushk   aabshar  ,   fizayein   sogwaar

To suno meri udaas aankhon  ka  raaz
Kisi  ki  yadun  me  meri  aahein  girftaar

Ye  itna  parayapan  achanak  na  guzrey
Tere  paas  aate  hi  bahein  sharamsaar

Rotey  kuch  mei  ne  bhi  mangha  hai  rab  se
Pyase   labu   se  meri  duayein  ashkbaar

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Choosing to stay.

My friends’ son died! There I said it! He didn’t pass away or go home or any of the hundreds of euphemisms that people choose to use, he died, he’s gone and he is never coming back! 353 days,50 Wednesdays after the fact and all still seem so unreal. There is not a day that passes that I wake up and not think…how can this be? How could this happen to her? I cannot stand that she is experiencing thi...

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All Poems of Shaakiera Schroeder This page contains the collected works Poems, reflective pieces ,etc by Shaakiera Schroeder (c) Poems are the property of their respective owners. All information has been reproduced here for educational and informational purposes to benefit site visitors, and is provided at no charge

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Collected Workspoemspoetrylossgriefsurviving


Tearaway kite in the arms of the wind
how a whip cracks, its sail.
Without warning a glistening 
fish breached the pliant wave
and all these shed leaves fell to memory.
There I cried for abandoned dreams
unable to gather them all.

Luminous messenger in the breeze
bright frisby passed to and fro
but speeds away now out of sight.
Shades of perpetual motion
the ineffable whir: a bicycl...

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