Two more days

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My eyes fall on the calendar And my heart races… Just two more days… Two more days from the worst of so much and For so many, Not that anyone needs a calendar as a reminder … Our fear is our continuous reminder. As “The” day comes closer, the sadness in our hearts gets deeper… The pain we have torturously endured for a year gets heavier… An almost unbearable weight to carry, “God help us! Has it really been a year? ” 363 days on this journey…blindly struggling through the dark. A voyage with 363 days of non-stop, heart wrenching, sanity destroying …pain. The reality of you not being here… Still, so surreal… Same questions…the whys and what ifs, No answers found…we searched since “that” day! Filled with anger…NEEDING to pray. We sob and plead, as tears stream down our cheeks…. “God please, please give us strength! Grant us Peace and acceptances in your decision.Please God…please let us know that our ANGEL is safe with you! ” Heart still racing…energy draining…. Blood runs cold…. Two more days… Two more days, then its here! ! SS 29/03/10


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