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Fresh 2 decades later

Although fate,
Distance and time
Cruelly put asunder
You an indifferent girl
And I a self concious
Boy lover
Two decades later,
Lately ,I saw you
A mesmeric lady
With a son
And a daughter,
Full of life
And laughter.

Once again
Your voice
In my cloud
Shrouded heart
Rang a bell
To a paradise
That could
Change a hell.

Your sunrise
"I know you exist!" smile
Still has power
Me t...

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unrequited love

Eight O'Clock

Eight o'clock looks better with blue tinted sunglasses.

The sunset is redder, the sea loses its grey,

People become mere shadows in the softening light.

It is calm.


I sit and wait for him.

Curling my bare feet into the sand.

Shadows catch their reflections in my eyes

Seeing only themselves and a lonely girl. 


The waves melt away the metal casings of my heart;


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beachlovesadnesstimeunrequited love

Unrequited Love

Unrequited love is the destruction of the heart

It is walking across an endless desert occupied with faded mirages that show you beauty like never before

Constantly consumed by its wonder, constantly consumed by the despair for your love for it

She is the mirage, you are the lonley aching fool in an endless desert

You are the one slowly suffocating by the boundless intesity of what you...

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anguishbeautydespairheartbreaklovepainrealitystruggleunrequited love

Battle of our chests

There is a war rallied between our hearts:

some people say love,

other people play love.


But when life becomes a game,

when words can only be spoken by characters,

when breath can only be projected by theatre

then I lose myself...so you lose me....and I risk losing you....

And the curtains fall shut -

Shows over.

And the dice stops rolling -

We lost the bet.



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complicateddangerousdestructivefalsegamesheartbreaklovepainunrequited love


You blew across the sky
a bird, black against the cloud
your wings beating hard
the way I was beating too

And for a moment…
I felt so alive

You slipped through
grazing my sooty skies
these pearly stars 
squealing in your wake

And for a moment…
I felt so alive

Was there something more
that we were supposed to do
some other experience
we should have expected to share


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unrequited love

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