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Come the Revolution

Come the revolution

there’ll be bullet holes in the wall

and stains of brains that mattered

but didn't matter to us all


We’ll fly our flags

and burn the rich

and sing our songs

and burn the rich

and right their wrongs

and burn the rich

and take their wealth

and launder it

and to the poor 

might give a bit

but they wont know 

how much of it


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If I was to meet E.T.

Welcome to my planet,

but certainly not my world.


How far have you travelled?

Come it's warm inside,

we can talk for awhile.

Did your journey take long?


Oh don't worry yourself,

for I have no scalpel.

So what's your planet called?

We call ours the Earth.

Do you name the stars?

Have you created your world?

Because our world is the world,


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