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Run With Me


I still cant find you, looking around and you're not here. 

You're lost in this word, and Im here on my knees. 

Trying to get where I need to be, So that I'll be there when you find me. 

But until that time, I'll sit and wait, and hope tomorrow brings a brand new day. 

And maybe then, I'll get the chance, to look around and hold your hand. 

To see your face, to make you glad.


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'Can I read this out to you?' 'Noooooooo, I've got stuff to do.'

Remember last night's tea

when you brought your girlfriend,

and you brought your friend?

And the dog was excited

because he loves it when you are all here

because I am so happy

and I'm like- superwomb?

And I got food delivered

and you were all relieved

because it can be touch and go

with my cooking                

and there was loads to go around

and Dad didn't ...

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carefamilyflawedfleeting momentsloveonly humantake-away


Can make me a puppet.

You can make me dance

And moan

And shake

And cum literally at the tip of your finger

You make my entire body move with your finger

(and your eyes)

You can make me feel my matter condensing to a single point at the tip of your finger,

I imagine it is glowing.

And sometimes when you’re making love to me

(I’m sorry, I know you hate that phra...

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lovesexsexual awakeninglesbianfire flesh love passion obsession


Locked behind Xanax bars; trapped between the ocean and stars 

I lie

To rot away the life I have been given; to choose a life of opposition

For Unless one happened to stumble upon a key; I couldn't be, I know not what she
believes, only that through the drugs she sees 

Through storms we sailed, across the ocean without fail, with glowing eyes that impale she is sure to turn heaven fro...

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I knew from the very first moment -

what I knew, I didn't really know in the moment

but a part of me just knew

and I knew he knew too.

Every part of my broken heart and aching body

seemed to scream it; 

the words breaking through my skin - 

dying to be heard.

But I was so afraid and he was so damaged

No one could know.

No one ever knew.

Not even him; 

and now it...

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If you were the goddess reigning over us all

I would desperately, pathetically, devotedly

Drink the air you pumped into our atmosphere

I would dive in streams and love the trees

In an attempt to taste your essence.

In a thousand years I would wage wars in your name

Irrationally and unproductively

Because that’s not what you would ask

And it would not elevate me in your eyes...

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Love with ugly in itlove

What Is Better

Better than love
Can be only love
Which you haven’t experienced yet.

©Larisa Rzhepishevska

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Sonnet VI


Vulnerability picked at battered Heart

Opened spirits found a tattered soul

What seems impossible was our start

Years of false hope refused to let us fold


Help, you wouldn’t seek -----I would never consider to give

Disposition changed daily

Detoxing lies in which we lived

From all the game we been playing


Maybe this is practice

For all the truth we were la...

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Sneak a brief moment of passion

The rush of emotion clashes your body

Falls on preoccupied ears.

 Impatience destroyed the fabric of relationship that time evidently builds.

 In an instance desire overcame true heart feelings---exploring intractable territory. 

Wills that succumb to a lifelong understanding and comfort of still passion.

 Ill words never entered my jilted mind, no...

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Befriending hundred girls smart
Doesn't afford half the delight
As catching your sight!


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