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Poem: And He Whispered...

Trying to understand
my place in this complicated world,
my soul was sorely troubled -
And He whispered to me softly.

Trying to comprehend
my divine purpose within His Family,
my desires were unfocused -
And He whispered to me gently.

By giving myself completely to Him,
I found absolute abundance
that's sustained by Salvation's foundation -
And He whispered to me quietly...


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christian poetrypoetryfaithbreunigAnd He Whispered

Poem: White for Harvest

Fields are white for harvest
with souls rotting on the vines;
graft them into the Kingdom now,
while there is still time.

Fullness of Life's abundance is available,
when connected to the True Vine;
but how to reach others when -
Christians don't heed the warning signs?

Workers may not be plentiful,
yet, faithful ones always find the fruit;
productive lives are highly visible
from em...

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christian poetrypoetryfaithbreunigWhite for Harvest

Poem: Why Would You Love Me?


Oh, my Lord...
Why would You love me?

Your greatness exceeds human comprehension
and Your wealth surpasses the Earth's riches.
In Your mind's eye, my life has been viewed
and my judgment awaits its sentencing.

Before my existence, Your Blood was cruelly shed -
spilled for my sins, both conceived and committed.
You made Yourself vulnerable to man's hatred
for saving flawed souls, ...

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breunigchristian poetryfaithpoetryWhy Would You Love Me

Free Poetry Book

Well when I say book I mean a pdf file that is readable on Kinfle, iBooks etc.

If you'd like a copy of my latest missive, Scratch, send me an email with Scratch as the title tp

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free poetrykindlenookibookspoetrygiveaway





It’s still remembered today

The bomb that didn’t explode

That crashed through the church ceiling

During the Second World War

Sparing some three hundred lives


A replica may be seen

Here in the vestry corner

At St Mary’s in Mosta

With photos of the soldiers

Called to make the real bomb safe


And despite votive candles


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Poem: The Partridge in the Pear Tree

The symbolism of this Christmas classic
has a second, hidden meaning for the ages.
For this song has an ulterior motive,
contained in verses that seem outrageous.

Christ is the truest fulfillment of Love,
in the primary doctrine of Christianity;
therefore, He is the focus of each refrain,
being the sin offering on Crucifixion’s tree.

The pair of turtle doves represents books,

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breunigchristian poetryfaithpoetryThe Partridge in the Pear Tree

Poem: Drawn To You

The softness of Your quiet voice
penetrates my spirit with utmost clarity -
For being drawn to you
comes more than naturally.

The constant woes of earthly cares
lack all meaning and worth
when I'm consumed by Your presence
and experience my spiritual rebirth.

Despite the magnificent beauty
of this planet's garden fields,
I would willingly exchange it
for the brilliance that Heaven y...

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christian poetrypoetryfaithbreunigDrawn To You

Poem: Brought to Enlightenment

We must learn to do
and not weakly try;
for with Christ, all is possible -
Just stop asking "Why?"

Bow before Him on bended knees,
for His Ways are superior to ours.
Spend quality time in prayer
and not simply waste precious hours.

To be brought to enlightenment,
one must learn on his own.
Yet, the secret is simply this -
Go before God and His Throne.



Author Note:


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christian poetrypoetryfaithbreunigBrought to Enlightenment

Poem: Fragile, Flawed and Easily Broken

Despite imperfections of this body,
my shell is an earthen clay jar
that's fragile, flawed and easily broken,
letting the Light of Christ shine.
Though not pretty on the outside,
I won't be mistaken
for a white-washed tomb -
God can use my weakness
to display His greatness.
I've chosen to be submitted
to His Will and Plan for my life.
In spite of exterior chips, dings and nicks,

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christian poetrypoetryfaithbreunigFragile Flawed and Easily Broken

In Infamy

Yesterday, a day which now, will live amongst us for all time,
For history has changed its path
And we must fall in line.
For we at peace, with guarded arms, we chose to watch this from afar,
But we, deliberately attacked,
Must no more stand apart.

An Emperor, through wicked lies, convinced us of continued peace,
But sickening deceit was this,
As they slipped underneath.
For yesterday ...

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pearl harbourpearl harborwaramericapoempoetry

Poem: Immortality

Ahhh... Immortality.

After the death of my earthly flesh,
my spirit will fully embrace it.
For I'm truly made
in my Creator's Image
and filled with His Divine presence.
How can anyone doubt...
The premise of my logic?

Ahhh... Immortality.



Author Note:

Learn more about me and my poetry at:

By Joseph J. Breunig 3rd, © 2009,...

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christian poetrypoetryfaithbreunigImmortality

Poem: Show of Hands

Despite the differences of skin color
and our cultural upbringings,
we're more than brothers of Mankind -
Technically, we're kin.

Go to the mountain
preserved by ice and snow
where the revelation of Ararat's secret
is available for everyone to know.

For the ark's existence
proves the global flood story is true
and being our brother's keeper...
Is still a right thing to do.


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christian poetrypoetryfaithbreunigShow of Hands

The Cart

Inspired by the cart on the patio at Carob Cottage, Ilgaz, North Cyprus

The Cart

Broken down cart
Ornamental on patio.
Past cargo
Hay, grain, carob and olives.
Cypriot Wagoner
Long gone.
Donkey or horse
Living engine, now dead.

Journeying here
Pulling there.
Carter whistling
Sometime singing.
Folk songs of old
Clip, clop beat the hooves.
Rattling chains
Rubbing hames.


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modern poetrypoetrymemoriestransporttimes past

Poem: The Cross, Stark and Still

Into the depths of untold depravity,
a perfect creation had fallen away;
unimagined grace poured out from our God above -
As His Hand of wrath was firmly stayed.

The Cross, stark and still, standing upon a naked hill...
subtly calls for the World's attention.

Since the dawn of everlasting time,
our Savior awaited His appointed day;
despite humanity's race to certain doom -
His Hand ...

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christian poetrypoetryfaithbreunigThe Cross Stark and Still

Poem: Today's Great Undead Poets

Today's great undead poets,
awash in the internet sea,
seek to fill the void of sensible emptiness
of our cyberspace world.
Following the heroic tradition of Man,
these daring individuals look to gain acceptance
through the expression of concepts.
Mirroring the virility and vitality of Life,
in defiance of critical naysayers,
the blankness of virtual paper
is scribbled upon with hurt, ho...

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christian poetrypoetryfaithbreunigTodays Great Undead Poets

Poem: And Yet His Hand...

Despite the trials of this earthly world
and the continued foolishness of men,
God wants His Principles completely unfurled -
For He loves His Children, while hating sin.

His anger is not turned away
and yet His Hand is outstretched still.
Our Salvation awaits its appointed day
with the meshing of our spirits to His Will.

As long as we continue to breathe,
there's Hope for us to lov...

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christian poetrypoetryfaithbreunigAnd Yet His Hand


No-one was harmed

when it went off, although

there were plenty of casualties

by the end of the night.


I’m still finding bright sparkly

ruby-red 30s under the sofa

to this day. I ate that much

meat that week it


nearly turned me vegetarian.

I smiled and said: “Sod it,

I bet we won’t do this when

we’re septuagenarians,” and


you agreed with me. My


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Around the shadowed corner, wicked lies,
Through telescopic lens and focussed eyes.
The autumn trees encapsulate the path
And crunch beneath the wheels they idolise.

The building crowds descend before the knoll
To catch a glimpse of this passing idol.
He, showered from all sides with the applause
And peppered from above by seasons fall.

Idyllic is this scene to which he greets,
As smi...

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americaassassinationJohn F kennedymurderonassispoempoetry

Poem: For Your Review

Once my earthly journey is complete,
humbly I'll stand before Your judgment seat.
So in advance I faithfully pray to have
a positive ruling for you to mete.

Grace and mercy carried me;
Your covering on my life you should see.
Hopefully You'll remember that I
promoted Your Kingdom for eternity.

Despite flaws and failures absurd,
hidden in my heart is Your Holy Word.
An attitude of lif...

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christian poetrypoetryfaithbreunigFor Your Review

Poem: The Bridegroom Cometh

Preparations by the Groom have been completed;
He joyfully awaits the day
that marks the remainder of eternity
when the Church shall be swept away.

He has created a wondrous place
where rows of mansions are perfectly aligned.
Angels will sing beautiful songs
announcing souls' arrival; including yours and mine.

Despite imperfections of His bride,
the Lord daily intercedes with heartfel...

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christian poetrypoetryfaithbreunigThe Bridegroom Cometh

Poem: Human Behavior

It's hard to extol the merits of mankind
and to lavish excessive praise is insane;
recognize the gamut of vain emotion
and treatment of our brothers that's inhumane.

The natural nature of man is hardly good -
Proof is found in our vocabulary;
despite incredible accomplishments of this world,
poor relationships of man to extremes are still carried.

Our literature and news is littered

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christian poetrypoetryfaithbreunigHuman Behavior


Where is it from
 How does it come.
 Let it flow
 From heart to.
 Magic of brain
 Scribbled on paper.
 Not an engine
 Never false.

 Tapping keys
 Think of love.
 Of humanity
 And experience.
 Arriving from a fountain
 Mysterious and pure.
 Symbiotic composition
 Without conscious thought.

 Honeyed words
 But not too sweet.
 Syrup disrupts reading
 Lost in the goo.
 Write no...

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Poem: If I Were...

If I were...
truly illuminated, what would you see?
Could the brightness of Christ fully shine
and the persona of me disappear?

If I were...
gifted, in other unknown ways.
Would I be able to discover them
or would I choose to deny them anyway?

If I were...
blessed, beyond Earthly needs.
How much of myself would I be willing to share,
besides just money and possessions?

If I were....

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christian poetrypoetryfaithbreunigIf I Were

Poem: Human Warranty

Etched into the soul's fine print
should be the motto "Handle with Care";
but Man's nature to ignore instruction
is manifested in Life's disrepair.

To have God's Word in written form
could be viewed as a "Human Warranty",
where divine ground rules for all
has abundance in the best that Life can be.



Author Note:

Learn more about me and my poetry at:

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christian poetrypoetryfaithbreunigHuman Warranty

Poem: Evening Sky

Gazing into a starry night,
I see a deep indigo sky
with perfect placement of twinkling light.
Stars reveal the expanse of time
from before the birth of humanity;
their existence came from dynamic energy
which was created by spoken word
that no man has ever heard.
Solitary spirit of awesome might
painted this heavenly canvas
with a flick of His hand and uttered thought.
Divine creation ...

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christian poetrypoetryfaithbreunigEvening Sky

I Won't Go Down, Not Even With Alice

we, the understated,
the lazily represented,
decree that
once the poetry
bends at the knee
in the gilded confines
of SW1
it is another victory
swung the way
of surrender
better, say we,
to be a person of interest
than acquiescent metrist
invited to tea

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buckingham palacecontemporarypoetry

Poem: Avoiding Hell?

Have you sealed your fate
with the rejection of Him?
Accept Christ now
before your life wears thin.

For in permanent separation
there's no God or peace -
Only continual torment and anguish
without any comfort or release.

Alone in the dark
as fallen angels without light,
you too will become a demon creature
lacking hope of spiritual sight.

Forget about Purgatory,
but make a decis...

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christian poetrypoetryfaithbreunigAvoiding Hell

Poem: Waiting on You

When floating in the sea of despair,
never give up hope, for the Lord is already there.
For in the time of your darkest hour,
you can tap into His Dunamis power.
Addressing Earth's challenges requires a key -
As a child of His, you must yourself see.
To assure that your earnest prayers are heard,
you need to hide in your heart His Holy Word.
For out of your mouth, His Word you should speak...

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christian poetrypoetryfaithbreunigWaiting on You

Poem: As a Joint Heir with Thee

What a blessing it would be
as a joint heir with thee,
sharing the Father's affection
for the numerous days of eternity!

What a honor you've bestowed upon me
as a joint heir with thee,
being adopted by the universal King
and connected to the divine, family tree.

What a grand responsibility
as a joint heir with thee,
proclaiming your name and love
to the World's expanse of humanity.


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christian poetrypoetryfaithbreunigAs a Joint Heir with Thee

Poem: My Soul Now Sings

My invisible scars
are plain for anyone to see,
as I blindly journey on...
This path of Christianity.

Wanting deliberate faith
ready on my tongue,
I received God's Salvation
when I was dumb and young.

Inflicted wounds to my soul
from a lack of understanding
have been healed by the Power
of Christ's personal anointing.

I am worth dying for
according to His Word...

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christian poetrypoetryfaithbreunigMy Soul Now Sings

Poem: Only Your Adoration

The essence of God is within,
looking to spring forth in your life.
You have been greatly blessed,
but may be unable to recognize it.
Learn to die to selfish desire
and enable His Spirit to be activated.
All that God requests is your adoration.
Giving praise and singing hymns to Yaweh
means He has captured your heart -
Therefore, your love for Him is... Genuine.




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christian poetrypoetryfaithbreunigOnly Your Adoration

Poem: Prism to our Past

A humbling profession is
Biblical archaeology,
where people are found prostrate -
Searching for glimpses of Man's history.

Forgotten souls and evidence have been
covered by layers of earthly dust,
as recent discoveries now include...
The decoding of Israel's "Exodus".

An eclectic collection of artifacts
of the "Hyksos Expulsion" have been laid bare
by Simcha, the "Nake...

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christian poetrypoetryfaithbreunigPrism to our Past

Book Review by Ellen Tanner Marsh: Reaching Towards His Unbounded Glory

As reviewed by NY Times best selling author

Ellen Tanner Marsh


Any Christian surveying the current state of modern poetry could easily become discouraged, given that much of that poetry can only be categorized as nihilistic. At worst, such poems seemingly promote despair and violence-against society, the church, or even against oneself. At best, they consist of self-centered whini...

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christian poetrypoetryfaithbreunigBook ReviewEllen Tanner MarshReaching Towards His Unbounded Glory

Poem: Silent Words Are Useless

I've got my opinions as any other;
Hopefully, I'll be clear and you'll understand
that our silent words are useless -
For the trees will willingly clap their hands.

The one true God spoke into existence
the birds, fishes, plants, mammals, Earth
and all forms of life including...
Humble beginnings of Mankind's birth.

The sound of our individual voices
is something that Go...

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christian poetrypoetryfaithbreunigSilent Words Are Useless

Poem: Giving Tithes to God

Revelations of the heart
regarding how one's money is spent
echoes volumes about character
and our God-given talents.

For Jehovah is far from being poor;
He owns the cattle on a thousand hills.
He's not into ungodly extortion
to keep you from paying your bills.

By serving two masters,
one will be dearly loved - the other sorely hated;
so one can never be truly happy

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christian poetrypoetryfaithbreunigGiving Tithes to God

Workshopping Seamus


(To be read in Heaney’s ‘reading voice’.)


My chisel’s cold appraisal

Blunt as an English Master’s stare

Probes the poem for its pith.


Non sequiturs stacked neatly

Drying in a metaphoric sun

Supported by a splay of beams.


Redundancy is everywhere

Making the poet poorer than Midas

Who dare not spend a penny

Lest the golden flow shoul...

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The Poetic Bond III


THE POETIC BOND III, ISBN 978-1492384199, published 5 October 2013

Poetry of the MOMENT, from across the PLANET, poetry of our WORLD

Poetry that documents the Contemporary Zeitgeist

Poetry that explores, illuminates and examines the Human Condition


Poetry from


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Poetic BondTrevor MaynardPoetryAnthologylovesocietyhuman condition

Poem: Moments of Clarity

Oh, how I desire more
of Your Light's essence,
to clearly penetrate
the core of my being.

How much can I endure
without Your Presence?
Though I may be frustrated,
it's You Lord, I'm believing.

It's been said before,
in Your Word's eloquence -
"nothing new" has been stated
and it agrees with what I'm seeing.

Moments of clarity, at the door
of Your Kingdom's bri...

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christian poetrypoetryfaithbreunigMoments of Clarity

Poem: On God's Mountain

To be on your mountain top
with an elevated view,
could my chances increase
for getting a glimpse of You?

Standing barefoot in your presence
before a burning bush consumed,
would your glory envelop me
as a spiritual womb?

Moses saw your backside,
but show me instead your face and eyes.
Having direct interaction with you
should cause my faith to be revised.


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christian poetrypoetryfaithbreunigOn Gods Mountain

Poem: Prone to Error

Challenges in Life are meant to be,
assisting us to reach maturity.
For our reaction to circumstance
marks personal growth beyond luck and chance.
Proven is our ability to learn,
expanding mental constraints as hearts burn.
Walking in upright, godly perfection
complements Jehovah's desire for Man's compassion.
The lasting goal is surely not religious fervor,
but moving past ou...

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christian poetrypoetryfaithbreunigProne to Error




the brooding


with paper cut


stares at a wall

of graffiti

and thinks

I could do that

so he picks up

a spray can


his feelings

in dribbling

white letters

fifteen feet high

his blood

becomes molten

his rage is

a torrent

of years

without voice

a scream

to be heard


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Thirty Plus Years In An Open Necked Shirt

Thirty Plus Years In An Open Necked Shirt.


On seeing John Cooper Clarke @ Wakefield Theatre Royal (29/9/13)


Johnny Clarke, Johnny Clarke

a walking bag of bones

staggers out onto the stage

like Keith Richards from the Stones

rapid, machine gun delivery

sprays audience with Salford tones

jitters, jives, ducks and dives

whilst wrestling with the micr...

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john cooper clarkePerformance Poetspoetrypunk poetrytheatre Royal Wakefield


We are wronged by people daily,
but to not forgive is unconscionable.
The Universal King had died for all;
for in eternity's view, we're pardonable.

He has given absolute amnesty
to everyone who has accepted Him.
Make no mistake about this unmerited immunity -
Grace's favor (over the course of Life) wears thin.

Death is inevitable, and our spirits
this mor...

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christian poetrypoetryfaithbreunigForgiveness

September 11, 2001

Failing to understand
why our nation is great,
an opportunity was sought
by souls cowardly lying in wait.

Focused on pure evil
as they have continually done,
an unholy attack was unleashed
on a day now known as 9-1-1.

Via the destruction
of New York's "Twin Towers"
the enemy crushed a symbol
of U.S. monetary power.

Beyond the resources to rebuild,
our country ...

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poetrybreunig9-1-1september 11attack on usa


Visionless is no way to be:
having sight, yet unable to see.
Soul's blindness that's dark and deep
indicates your spirit is fast asleep.

Use the Word to ignite your inner spark
and awaken your slumber by the Lord's Light.
To have Life's purpose and meaning for self
promotes character and personal delight.

Having vision is intended for all,
so get fitted with some new gla...

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christian poetrypoetryfaithbreunigVisionless

Danger of Zealous Fervor

Yes, the goal is to reach souls;
but at what further cost?
Unacceptable is using fear as mind control
for reaching those considered 'lost'.

When not as an example of victorious living,
the principles of God appear to lose credibility.
If not demonstrating a God that's loving,
then appeal of the Kingdom lacks desirability.

To berate skeptical souls with Hell's threat

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christian poetrypoetryfaithbreunigDanger of Zealous Fervor


In the quiet garden of Heaven,
one day I'll walk beneath the trees
with the coolness of God's Spirit
flowing more gently than an Earthly breeze.

In the royal kingdom of priests,
I'll run barefoot on streets of soft gold,
overwhelmed by the perfection of peace,
following where angels had previously strolled.

Before the awesome throne room,
I'll exude continual heartfelt p...

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christian poetrypoetryfaithbreunigEternity

September Sisters

Twin sisters, both alike in majesty,
In New Manhattan, where we set this scene,
From arid lands flocks an old enemy,
To scorch the earth of this, a western dream.

From fateful skies the fatal flights descend,
But none the wiser to their pending fate,
The man and child, to happy affairs tend,
Their future sealed beneath a veil of hate.

Through vacant city clouds, their path...

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9/11americadeathpoempoetryseptember 11terrorism

A Sinner Like Me

Pushing this flesh into alignment,
guided by The Word most holy and pure,
I'm striving to learn principles
for a sanctified life to endure.

My Lord loves me without hesitation
and allowed a part of Himself to die.
He's calling me homeward without reservation;
by His Spirit, to His side, I'll eventually fly.

Knowing I'm a child of His,
during trying times I find true enco...

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A Sinner Like Mebreunigchristian poetryfaithpoetry

His Blessings

His blessings upon my life flow -
No matter where I am
or wherever I happen to go.

Overcoming the curse of Mankind,
is a consuming, infinite Love
from the One declared divine.

As I continue inside His Will,
sheltered by Sacrificial grace,
His many promises are fulfilled.

Truly blessed, to be a blessing
is simple for anyone to see -
As I'm fully submerged... in God...

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breunigchristian poetryfaithHis Blessingspoetry

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