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The End of Summer III


After Summer,

Autumn is always brushed

Under the carpet

Like a half-baked afterthought

Before the winter arrives

With its blanket

Of snow rolled blues.


At the beginning of Autumn

There is a hesitation

In the breeze

Before the clouds

Darken the sky

And poison us slowly

With mustard gas.


There is a sadness

In the half c...

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the end of summersummer

The End of Summer (II)

The End of Summer II 
In hindsight,
it wasn’t just the soft,
cold perfume
of the breeze.
Wasn’t just
the change in weather
nor Swallows
which had gone East
instead of south.
Autumn hadn’t
built itself up
as it normally did
but fell unexpected
from the skies
choking summer
until it fizzled away.
Autumn burst through
without reas...

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The End of Summer (I)

Soon Autumn will be here with it's dusty and driving breeze across fields from the back of your house where poppies would previously dance with you now spit in your face. Autumn will hold your hand when you run to the train station every morning jagged with purpose like it was famous for 15 seconds. Soon Autumn will be here and on the road again with leaves dangling in...

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Summer is Here

The skies has

quickly gone grey

and it looks like

it could burst into

a heavy rain storm

at any given moment. 

Summer is here. 

The wind is sneaking

through your coat

like knives

and the birds have

already gone back

down south.

Summer is here.

Umbrellas are lined up

blown inside out

like the great wa...

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Summer of Love

  a flashback

sun splattering us in technicolour,

stained with light

cheekbones aching,

currents thrumming

migraine hue at the edges

hearts beat faster

minds and eyes pinpoint

to infinite acuity

heads swell with

chests strain from

and laugh

Steps slapping


heads back and


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