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You only feel lonely when you’re in a crowd
Say you need peace and quiet then turn the music up loud
Only feel let down when you’re being held up
Say you’re okay, and then almost erupt
Only feel my presence when I’m far away
Only say go, when you want me to stay.

You speak words of wisdom and act like a fool
Set high standards for others, then break every rule

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Trapped in this awful fucking life where I wanted to love but ruined the chance when I got it. I’ll never forget her but what does that matter now with defeat snapping at my heels, she fully understands the past snapping at her heels, like mine does. Her words, not mine. I surrender to the nightmare night-time dark veil of defeat and await my end. It came sooner than I thought...

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Remember Not ...


Sharp and sudden, the cruel slash of searing pain
begins to fade yet forms the deepest scar.
Smouldering gut wrenching embers burn mouth dry
and storms torrential ashen eyes
for a love that lasts and lingers long.
And when there is time to remember
what used to and may yet still be
think only of the beauty that was had
not loves tragic mournful loss
but only of summer da...

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love lost

like paper


In a dream

I took your hand.

It felt like paper.


You tried to hide it

in your pocket.

But I pursued it.


Then you moved away.




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Love lost

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