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When I Was Going Home


When I was going home


  the darkness was around,


  nobody on the street,.


  I saw an old woman,


  she was a dandelion like,.


  she rummaged in the refuse bins


  which were all alike.


  She was the one who's got her pension


  "in the proportion with her job".


  I wouldn't like here to mention



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real life

My life experience


The more I live the more I am surprised.

There are still a lot of things to be realized.


The life flows like a river on the land,

The more I know the less I understand.


The more I give the less I get,

But my life style is: Never regret!


The time flies, it will never come back,

But the hopes still live with no lack.


Some people say: T...

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real life



tweet tweet not twitter


dance of death 


ashes to ashes

the fire flames


I rise I rise.

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lifereal life

Artist Talking-To Artist

Artist talking to artist

 As Light to Light
No outsiders hearing
What viewers have in sight.
The colours of the paintings
Reflects the artists thoughts
Though the onlookers never know
The artist’s. Mind.
Artist talking to Artist
Like words from a book
Pictures revealing
Their outlook
One slash here, a line there
A rounded curve
A mountain
A landscape.  A portrait
Of dots connecting dots
As ...

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