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I saw her heart break yesterday

the watchful face of late

eyes upturned

smile that had only known sunshine

and said in words

careful and rounded

the news that he would not be coming home

and saw

the instant

stop-release claymation

trembling of the tiny chin

the mouth turned square and agonised

in an eternal instant of distress

I heard the clic...

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break upChildrenrelationships


you have left me in a cardboard cut-out world

a rattling pebble chasing the tide

there's a void growing in the garden

a river sobbing down the stairs

snuffed candle incense taints the bedroom

summoning the double blackness again

swimming in shadows

it bleeds colour from the day

time wears away the details

as the photos fill with strangers

Your perfumes t...

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Let's push the boat out darlin'
Let's take it for a sail
I wish that we could honey
But I think we'd need a pail
For it has got some holes now
And repairs are bound to fail

Let's take the car out for a spin
Let's drive down to the shore
I wish that we could my love
But it won't run any more
For it has got some rust now
And would fall apart for sure

Let's bike down t...

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Scene 13

love is forever

charity is forever true

friendship is neither

and life puts them both in the blue.

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