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Let's push the boat out darlin'
Let's take it for a sail
I wish that we could honey
But I think we'd need a pail
For it has got some holes now
And repairs are bound to fail

Let's take the car out for a spin
Let's drive down to the shore
I wish that we could my love
But it won't run any more
For it has got some rust now
And would fall apart for sure

Let's bike down to the woods then
Let's feel the breeze in our hair
I wish that we could my friend
But mine was stolen just last week
For someone had left the door ajar
And a new one I must seek

Let's sit out in the lovely sun 
Let's picnic on the glade
I wish that we could hunbun
But we haven't got a shade
For the wind blew it away last year
And a new one must be made

Let's just stay in and kiss dear
Let's curl up on the old settee
I wish that we could dear
But that spring's gone can't you see
For it is very tired now
And thats so like you and me

And so we glanced at one another
No further words were said
What we thought but didnt speak was
Let's just go on up to bed...


June 21st 2008


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<Deleted User> (6895)

Sat 15th May 2010 19:29

Good evening Dave.Following the last line..that would be for a sleep would,nt it? if not-watch your heart! and those rusty bedsprings! love your new profile-amazing what a wash can do-(jesting)very smart on parade now!-best regards my friend-Stef.

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