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A less formal (peformance based) approach to analysing my lyricism

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My definition in rhyme.


I write rhyme

Because, I like rhyme.

I like rhyme

Because sometimes, rhyme rights me.

Sometimes, me, I fight rhymes,

Sometimes, rhyme fights for me.

But I never bite rhymes,

Because I likes mines.

See they mine my mind so deep

That even I don’t know what they’ll find.

If this was cranial surgery, my loved ones would weep,


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Poetic theme developed

A poet is just a maker of connections.


You can’t think without connecting concepts,

Or speak without synergising sounds,

You cannot write without linking letters, verbs, adjectives and nouns.


To perform requires an audience,

Reflections are simply waves in thought or light.

You can only describe any one thing based on sensory references coloured by personal i...

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Moving the same theme towards poetry

The poetry, like beauty, is in the poet's eyes,

The art is in distilling it in a lyrical guise.

Taking the truth of a transient vision that is distinctly personal,

To weave words into an immortal form, transcendent and universal.

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Cry Petey, I See Bards Rounding the Bend

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Cry we all toward places unnamed

Rise above the crested hills

Yell we will - shattering door frames

Plundering thoughts of plovered wills

Tear at the wallpaper - reveal the grain

Ink the slate - etched by wound-dipped quills

Crouch, prowl - ready to pounce on game

Brandishing swords, blaring trumpets shrill

Arching backs, phosphorescent wicks aflame

Ridding netted fish o...

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Because there's kids

all scissorheads, blade-eyes,

machete hoods

and skin impervious to your reasonable begging

as they wave the pre-cutting knife

in a goodbye to your drained face.


They're behind every corner,

in every shop,

unstamped shouting on every high street.

And there's concrete abode blocks

hammering your daymare...

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Preview sample of Captain of the Rant vs. Hair Explosion's forthcoming EP 'No Copyright Necessary'

Win for spoken word fans!

Here's the preview sample of Captain of the Rant vs. Hair Explosion's high anticipated forthcoming EP, 'Nudges Whispers and Threats'... the last EP, 'No Copyright Necessary', was called "a beautiful and resonant work" by Big Wheel Online Fanzine, and Attila the Stockbroker said he was "very impressed". High praise indeed!

Just follow this link: http://captainof...

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Hello Stirred relaunches at the lovely Sandbar on this Monday 1st November!





STIRRED: For women who write.

A night celebrating the work of current and forgotten female writers, open mic (men allowed if they read a female poet's poem too) female and male guest slots, unfabulous prizes to be won.


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Apologies, I haven't been on here for some time, but here, have a draft poesy.




We connected in Iowa

With those bursting jackets

Jostling about us, all perspiration

To show off their new inspiration.


And it was there;

Where the plugs danced

(In electric atmosphere)

And in the inevitably tangle

We wound ...

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What are you afraid to say?

I've been asked, by people following my blog, to include the poems I read on my recent poetry tour, so I'm putting them on here, then will be providing links back here from the blog. Hence...


What are you afraid to say?


You stand and ask what I’m afraid to say?

I’m afraid to say lots of things:

afraid to say no, to say stop, to say sorry;

afraid to say I’m wrong.


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On looking back into the mosh pit

I've been asked, by people following my blog, to include the poems I read on my recent poetry tour, so I'm putting them on here, then will be providing links back here from the blog. Hence...


On looking back into the mosh pit


This was never about fun, you rotten liar,

never about fun, but something higher,

never about fun. Yes, about drums,

pounding like the feet...

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A Short Course in Suicide Writing

I've been asked, by people following my blog, to include the poems I read on my recent poetry tour, so I'm putting them on here, then will be providing links back here from the blog. Hence...


A Short Course in Suicide Writing



that short, punchy phrases are best.

Say 'I can't take it. I will kill myself.'

Do not say: 'I cannot take the endless pain,


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I've been asked, by people following my blog, to include the poems I read on my recent poetry tour, so I'm putting them on here, then will be providing links back here from the blog. Hence...



You tell me you have to walk on eggshells

and I wonder what eggshells you mean.

Is it the fact you can’t call me a fag

because the same blood flows in both our veins?


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I've been asked, by people following my blog, to include the poems I read on my recent poetry tour, so I'm putting them on here, then will be providing links back here from the blog. Hence...



I drink watermelon breezer,

holding the neck of the bottle

between my left mid and index fingers,

flashing a V with each swig,

showing off my purple nails.



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A Clay Crown Pipe-Dream

And they’re pissing in the wind again

It blows for miles and miles,

A sorry heap of ragged clothes

Stop and think a while


A baby’s born, a love is found

A friend is turned away,

Something bites a brittle bone

Sadness wrought in clay


A prisoner of thieving thoughts

The boy he speaks up now,

Written silent, he reports


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If Schwitters were Twitters

Very late, and I'm browsing the google analytics stats for my blog, mainly because I didn't have them set up before and now that I have, I like playing with my new toy. But aside from finding out that people have searched for my blog using terms like 'keep calm and suck my dick', 'filth without make-up' and, most disturbingly of all, 'Sarah Palin', I also discovered which words I use more than ...

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Stop Saving

Stop saving for a rainy day: it's always raining, anyway.

There'll be no turning of the tide, the cavalry will never ride

to rescue you, so rest your cries: there is no path to paradise

that they won't bar, and Avalon

is just a Bryan Ferry song.


Forget your prayers, for they aren't heard; and every happy little bird

that sings above the rainbow knows that hope exis...

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Q&A With New York Based Poet/ Spoken Word artist- Jon Sands

This is a series of Q&A with some poets I've met across the world.


Enjoy! :-)

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Class War?

When the have-nots decide they'd like to have a little more

you call it class war, class war;

but when the rich declare a silent genocide against the poor

it's never class war, it's only case law.


When muslims get irate and say they'll detonate the state

you say it's faith that generates their hate;

but when the guys with home-made gelignite are English-born and wh...

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Call for Submissions

A while ago, I was toying with doing a poetry 'zine called Diseases of Staggering Beauty. I'd gotten tired of a poetry scene that seemed divided between 'respectable' little magazines that seemed mainly to publish poems by middle-class people about whichever former Eastern Bloc city they'd last gone on holiday to, and those newer poetry mags which seem to me to be the literary equivalent of lan...

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my superstitions are eating me whole

A  Black cat is just deciding whether to cross my path

A fairy just sprayed me with fairy dust just for a laugh

Stupid cupid just shot me in the bum and I have fallen in love with a tree!

And a dog just peed on me and the tree as well.


I went to my friend’s house and their kids put my new shoes on the table

I touched wood to break the curse but I wasn’t able

I thou...

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Reviewing Poetry

It is something that I have been doing now for the best part of 2 years.


At least twice a month an envelope arrives on my doormat addressed to my pseudonym. Right at the moment I see the envelope I find more and more I am breathing a huge sigh (although not of relief). Contained within the unassuming brown packaging could be anything. Of late the contents of these envelopes has tended...

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For Ways To Not Fall In Love


I will not ask your name
in case it becomes my new lullaby
turned over and over again.


I will not kiss you first
in case pecked it remains with me
a silent signature of your lips.


I will not dance with you
in case the drink blurs your face into my dreams,
watching between Love and Like.


I will not tell you my hopes
in case you fall for those

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 Jazz Poetry Nights at Pangea Project, Stoke Newington, London.

Opposite Morrisons, ST PATRICK'S DAY, 17th March....


1-Jonny Virgo: Hip hop artist- promoting his new CD

2-Ira Menin: Italian R & B and jazz singer (pictured right)

3-Brother Niyi: Afro Beat poet and percussionist

4-Ogmios- Local Stoke Newington hip hop poet

5-Tunes Under Fire- Free jazz guitar and sax...

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About Jamaica

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He lights his cigarette, I prepare to share it,

just so his lungs could see less tar. 

He’s in a reflective mood; I can tell by the way
the flame emerged from his lighter
red and tenderly squirmed like a worm in a furnace.

He holds my gaze as the flame faints back in its tank
drags on the cigarette, slowly tilts his head back. 

I ever tell you the story about the mango?

He h...

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A Biting of Words

world summit to bring you weapons
a big fan not just of peace
these women never die grubby
once upon a future true heroes
finding joy in the gathering
curious love splash
blood and conservation make a bright ballet
seasonal monotone delights
poetic train giving tourists new voice
hand in hand a biting of words

This piece is from the 'shreadline' series. Headlines from...

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Early January Snow Blues

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There is calmness

Like a Buddhist prayer

On the road

When it snows

And cars are afraid

To come down it.


There is softness

In the trees rustling

When the wind

Shakes it off

Which reminded me

Of my father

When he used

To shake off his boots

Before he stepped back inside

After gritting

The front path.


And as it gets so...

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