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A less formal (peformance based) approach to analysing my lyricism

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My definition in rhyme.


I write rhyme

Because, I like rhyme.

I like rhyme

Because sometimes, rhyme rights me.

Sometimes, me, I fight rhymes,

Sometimes, rhyme fights for me.

But I never bite rhymes,

Because I likes mines.

See they mine my mind so deep

That even I don’t know what they’ll find.

If this was cranial surgery, my loved ones would weep,

Fearing that my conscious life force must seep

Out of my body until all that was left of me

Was a shell consigned to nothing well except sleep.

But even if that was the risk I had to take,

From my Lyrical path I could not break.

Please believe me, when I say it would not be easy for me,

Just the choice I had to make.

As I understand now over time,

My rhyme, has come to define...



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Penny Pepper

Wed 29th Dec 2010 23:48

I love this and I love rhyme! Good on ya.

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Mark Mr T Thompson

Wed 29th Dec 2010 11:24

For the non-hip-hop heads to bite in rapping is to copy.

"Mine's" in Souwf Lundun vernacular is just personal possessions pluralised.

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