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August Says Goodbye To Summer


August says goodbye to summer,

it’s not really a drama,

but yellow melancholy it hides

in the green and brown eyes.

The winds are stronger,

the nights are longer,

the clouds are darker,

the rains are starker.

Hot summer sun stops its caresses,

the birds fly away to the warm countries,

the weather breathes out its whim,

some days are real grim.


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It is very early morning,

the days growth is just beginning.

I am already at the sea shore,

My favorite sea which I adore.

An early morning mist

Hides the ships on the road,

Waiting for their turn to be unloaded.

The rising sun breaks the dawn

and at last the mist has gone.

The caravan of the sun rays

runs quickly on the seas’ surface.

The sea s...

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Spring meets summer

I want to wake up in the morning before the dawn

And watch when spring dressed in the beautiful gown

Passes its crown to summer.

I want to open my door wide

And watch when summer as a bride

Excepts her sisters' presents.

And then I wish to walk with summer to the forest

And as a lyrist to watch the summers colors gamma,

To drink the freshest water f...

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For the Corncrakes Sake and Mankinds


The corncrake has been saved more or less by efforts of the "Save the Corncrake" movement in Ireland, and the RSPB in the UK. The bird, its distinctive sound once common, is now only in a few hinterlands, one of the main ones in the callowlands around Banagher in County Offaly, and down into Lusmagh and also Meelick and Clonfert in neighbouring Galway, where ...

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You think that you,

form clouds from fog

and paint the forests green.

You think me lost,

inside your song

as unformed harmonics

drown, within my throat

and reeds split

upon my tongue.

But you are wrong

and still I sing,

and though you say,

my life, is but a whisper

in the age of mountains,

I am here.


I am here.


© ...

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Our Home Cannot Be Here

I lit a fire on the beach
Just as you were feeling beaten by the wind
We can't hear anything in this weather
But the waves and the crackling wood
You don't speak anyway
We have nothing we care to say

Our human silences amid nature's screams
Fill me with a loss so unforgettable
Our human silences amid nature's screams
Fill me with a void so inescapable

The sky goes dark and the sea sl...

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beachbreak-upbreaking upnatureseparatingweatherwind

Lilac blossoms in May


Only in a fantastic rosy May

When magical lilac trees blossom

We remember that awesome day,

The day we like again to welcome.


Oh, how sweet lilac stupefy fragrance!

How tender the lilac flowers  petals are!

They are flowers from the old romance,

They are so gentle and look so like stars.


Lilac bouquet is the marvelous one

With so many little...

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Me Myself and I----A Mermaids Song

Jameson  Archers Bells

Gordon's  Captain Morgan  Smirnoff

Guinness  Tia Maria  Baileys

Pernod  Carlsberg and Strongbow


Days made up of these.


Sunny Days

Silk Cut days

Silk Cut nights

Sand between the toes


Blue water

white blue skies

music  disco

Breakfast on the Pier


Days  well made


tailored to suit


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Bach Flower Remedies : 38 Haiku

The Bach Flower Remedies : 38 Haiku (click to link)

38 haiku - one for each of the Bach Flower Remedies - now published with illustrations online by Edward Bach Organisation Research Programme.

Some of the haiku:


cherry plum

the coroner declares

impulsive suicide


the silent mull

of this way or that



a week of ...

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