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I felt like a woman

entry picture

I blossomed like delighted rain among your waters

soaked in delirium between the sheets


Hours passed...

sleeplessness rose…

the sweetest kiss traveled through the warm skin of my body

you laid upon me the whole universe

I was the fruit of your passion


The delight, the glory; an arsenal within you, inside me

afterwards calmness,

calm after being in your hands...


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Only 10%

entry picture

I’ve had only 10% of your passion and it was perfect


Those hands…, they held me arousing the encounter,

they snatched me out of myself to get within you


It was perfect, succulent;

a table for a bed, seasoning without reasoning,

overflowing the cumulated fieriness in my body


Only 10% was enough to reach the sky...

I was pliable metal between your fingers 



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