Don't Forget To Breathe

Stuttering awake
in the anxious hours
when white noise
no longer lets you sleep
In the mattress springs
a metronome
your percussive heartbeat
one thought then another
one worry trailed by the next
did what was said make sense?
was it understood
will this be good enough
impossible options
improbable odds
suddenly so awake
in the anxious hours
don’t forget
to breathe

Stuttering awake
in the anxious hours
try to recall these words
line by line
whispered in the dark
piece by piece
fall back to sleep
and don’t forget
to breathe...


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Mon 3rd Feb 2020 10:23

Thanks Keith and Don ?

It's not something I suffer from regularly, but have done in the past (back then it was mostly debt related). My 'remembering poems' technique has been working really well though and has largely cured me. Well, that and weapons-grade levels of denial. ?

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Don Matthews

Sat 1st Feb 2020 03:44

I really was just joking
(What is new 'bout that?)
I go off, bang, just like a light
The cat sat on the mat

Wot's a cat got to do with it Eth?.....

Dunno luv.....poets can be strange people.....


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keith jeffries

Sat 1st Feb 2020 00:46


A clever piece of poetry, the subject of which I am well acquainted with. Is it only an over active mind? Or is their something subliminal going on. Anxiety could be a reason, but it is the fluidity of thought, the dwelling on what has been encountered or said that is quite remarkable. It is not comparable with a dream but it takes the form of a strange soliloquy. Often disjointed and sleep becomes evasive

I know of no antidote. Thank goodness it is not a regular occurrence.

Thank you for this.


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Don Matthews

Wed 8th Jan 2020 21:13

I'm pleased it works for you Tom:

' but I find trying to recall my poems line by line is a fast and effective way to fall back to sleep'

If I recycle round my rhymes
When I hop in my bed
My neurons go speed up lots more
Muck up my silly head

Or recall your lines
Maybe I'm reading the wrong poet?....


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John Marks

Wed 8th Jan 2020 19:52

It is a mystery how we can lead so much of our lives on auto-pilot. We never do forget to breath - until we do!

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Fri 3rd Jan 2020 15:10

Thank you KJ, Po, Robert, Mika and Jon for the likes ?

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Thu 2nd Jan 2020 12:25

This probably doesn't say much about my writing, but I find trying to recall my poems line by line is a fast and effective way to fall back to sleep - in the anxious hours.

And thanks Po :) That is also a good idea.

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