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Hi my name is Zia. I am a healer and I enjoy being healthy and doing yoga and Tai Chi. My inspiration comes from observing the suffering that is all around me. I take my own struggles and turn them into my strengths. Kind of like an alchemist turns lead to gold. My suffering is not unique nor is my joy. Hope you enjoy reading my thoughts and poems. Thanks


Fragile This fragile existence is put to the test by the weather of this moment. This freedom is so elusive at times only to be found and then lost again. As I traverse this path, at times I question why? Do i need my face carved into a bed of rock so others can see? So i can see? Do I need a goal? House, car, 2.5 kids, picket fence, 401 k, matching burial plots bought years before my time. Is that it? The American dream. Kind of like a square peg being hammered into a round hole. Or Gulliver shipwrecked in the land of the Liliputians. Have you ever seen the walking dead? Shuffling their feet through life. Breathing, but no one's home. They feed us colorful dishes of hopes and dreams like Skittles at the end of the rainbow. Diseases of excess clog our nation's heavy arterial walls. Take a broken vehicle and quiet the engine with sawdust. Paint it pretty and sell it to the world. Am I dreaming or this real? Can I find freedom in bondage? Can I take my captors chains and make them my own. Owning them and using them in this game of life. Embracing this moment and taking ownership of this dream. Taking back my power. Fragile, so fragile this existence.

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