Boy what a Lady!


I saw her standing on a crowded train,

a beautiful face and a perfect frame.

With oriental features and flawless skin,

was this superficial or was there beauty within?


She caught me looking and to my surprise,

she smiled and looked directly into my eyes.

I felt transfixed and my heart took flight,

is this what they mean by 'love at first sight'?


As the train slowly emptied we drew together,

I said 'hello' and I mentioned the weather.

We alighted the train and continued to chat,

we talked about interests and this and that.


We both skipped work and went to a cafe,

 I had a mochacino and I think she had a latte.

She gave me her number and I did the same,

the more that we talked the closer we came.


We left holding hands and arranged a date,

that very same night, we just couldn't wait.

And as we parted we embraced and kissed,

I found that her presence I already missed.


Later that evening we went for a walk,

then sat in a bar and continued to talk.

I kissed her goodnight at her front door,

not presuming to think that I expected more.


She asked if I'd like to come in for a drink,

her flat smelled of roses and everything pink.

We opened some wine and continued to chat,

we flirted and kissed by the fire in her flat.


She said as child she was always neglected,

feeling unloved, alone and rejected.

Unfortunately her family didn't understand,

and that's why she left her home in Thailand.


Taking my hand she led me to her bed,

with feelings of lust and wine in my head.

She lowered her dress and I stood to erection,

her exquisite shape and flawless perfection.


She removed her bra her breasts stood proud,

removing her undies she then turned around.

I sat in amazement, my mind ran amok,

instead of a ladygarden she had a huge ...

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Profile image

Wayne McLellan

Wed 12th Jun 2019 15:07

Now MC that would be depends on what you assumed the ending was?

Profile image

Don Matthews

Wed 12th Jun 2019 13:27

Don't embarrass the guy MC ?

Profile image

M.C. Newberry

Wed 12th Jun 2019 11:12

Life can be full of surprises.
Which begs the question - did you stay or did you go? :?

Profile image

Lisa C Bassignani

Tue 11th Jun 2019 20:32

Oh my!

Profile image

Wayne McLellan

Tue 11th Jun 2019 13:50

I know Don.

With a little something extra thrown in for good measure...?

Profile image

Don Matthews

Tue 11th Jun 2019 08:50

Serves you right Wayne. Hasn't anyone warned you about the Thai chicks. They can be fire....?

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