‘The Black Heart’ by Anya is Write Out Loud’s Poem of the Week

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The new Write Out Loud Poem of the Week is ‘The Black Heart’ by Anya. It’s the second time she has had her work chosen for this – quite an achievement for a poet who’s writing in their second language. We hope you enjoy it!

What got you into writing poetry?

I think that poetry has found me. I needed it so bad! So it came to me...
Gave me a chance to express myself in a healing way. I had so many things to say, a flood of feelings wanting to be released. I am blessed with this wonderful addiction, I never want to stop using!

How long have you been writing?
I’ve been writing for 6 months now. Physically pouring words on to the paper. But really I think I’ve been writing for much longer, thinking poems in my head, feeling them in my heart, speaking them while talking to people, looking at them when seeing something extraordinary. So I can say I’ve been writing all my life.
Do you go to any open mic nights?
No. Still not confident enough...
But, I will one day for sure!
What is your favourite poet/poem?
Wisława Szymborska; Polish Literary Genius.
As well as three Polish Bards: Adam Mickiewicz, Juliusz Słowacki, Zygmunt Krasiński. Wonderful writers. The national poets of Polish Romantic Literature.
I am also influenced and amazed by so many fantastic poets of WoL!
Forever grateful and thankful!!!
You are cast away on a desert island, what is your luxury?
Sun bed, sun cream, sun glasses. Unlimited paper and pens.
And I must add; my laptop and good internet connection, I need some WOL in my life!!!
Lots of love!!!!


The Black Heart
by Anya

the black heart of stone
pumps black blood into
the blackened veins
tireless day after day
it used to be fiery red
felt feelings deeply
knew love very well
now transformed
doesn’t want to feel
anything anymore
fills up only on hate
it changed a long time ago
hurt too many times
lost hope
forever petrified
beats in strong rhythm
listening to the whispers
of black shadows
evil spirits from the past
pouring hate into the heart
black heart listens
remembers well
works hard determined
to never get hurt again


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Hannah Collins

Mon 27th Aug 2018 08:58

Congratulations Anya !
Strong poem, deserves to be POTW.
You are an inspiration to writers here, very supportive.


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John Marks

Sun 26th Aug 2018 20:54

beats in strong rhythm
listening to the whispers
of black shadows
evil spirits from the past
pouring hate into the heart

We are fated to relive the past - through our genes, through memories, through dreams - and we cannot escape our fate.

In our planning for tomorrow,
it has the final word,
which is always beside the point.

Wislawa Szymborska

On Death, without Exaggeration

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Sun 26th Aug 2018 19:15

Hi Anya
Beautiful, hypnotic and at once compelling. A well deserved Poem of the week.

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Taylor Crowshaw

Sat 25th Aug 2018 22:05

A belated congratulations Anya absolutely blooming fantastic. Well deserved..I can only imagine it is because I was visiting my children that I missed this wonderful accolade to your work..??

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Fri 24th Aug 2018 17:14

Exceptional writing like a fine wine matured with richness. an affirmation of what great poetry really is. Your sensitive structured verses have reached a zenith with your considered revelations of the human condition and its romantic yearnings. Seemingly effortless: a formula of jaw dropping inspiration. Congratulations Anya!!!


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Fri 24th Aug 2018 12:31

Well done Anya ! On W.O.L you play a big part,
Writing lovely poems straight from your heart.

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Graham Sherwood

Thu 23rd Aug 2018 10:12

I think you're being a bit greedy with your desert island luxuries Anya. You may have to post your WOL messages in a bottle and hope it washes up on our shores.

You have proven to be an irrepressible member of our community and we are all enlivened as a result. Well done on this new POTW, it is thoroughly deserved.


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Andy N

Wed 22nd Aug 2018 19:12

very good poem Anya. Very skillfully wrote i thought and English is your second language. Even more impressive?


Wed 22nd Aug 2018 12:06

Well deserved, POTW Anya ?.

All the best des

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kJ Walker

Wed 22nd Aug 2018 08:30

Congratulations Anya. Well deserved. I always enjoy reading your postings.

<Deleted User> (19913)

Tue 21st Aug 2018 00:09

Awesome work Anya, and well deserved. ?

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Martin Elder

Tue 21st Aug 2018 00:06

it is evident from your writing that you enjoy the flow of words that comes out of your pen
well done Anya
and congratulations

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keith jeffries

Mon 20th Aug 2018 21:31

Congratulations indeed and much love on this well deserved award. You are one of the best.

<Deleted User> (13762)

Mon 20th Aug 2018 20:02

well done my friend - your answers to the first two questions sum up you and your writing so perfectly. C?L

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Damon Blackery

Mon 20th Aug 2018 15:42

This is well deserved. Anya just never stop making great literature that you work on.

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Becky Who

Mon 20th Aug 2018 14:28

Congratulations Anya I love this poem. Very moving.

Big Sal

Mon 20th Aug 2018 13:42

The multiple uses of the word 'black' to convey different entities within the poem, the emotional weight, and the author behind it all deserve recognition. Great job Anya, hope to see more of your stuff for another week in the coming days.?

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Brian Maryon

Mon 20th Aug 2018 13:36

Well done Anya, but please start writing crap to give the rest of us a crack at POTW!

Only joking...you continue to improve.

Xxx Brian

<Deleted User> (19836)

Mon 20th Aug 2018 12:28

Congratulations Anya. This poem is exceptionally well written. How many times can a heart heal until it finally turns black? Very profound, full of emotion.❤ Thank you!

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Julian (Admin)

Mon 20th Aug 2018 12:18

Very good indeed, Anya, and what a list of poetic influences: Mickiewicz, eh? Pan Tadeusz? Szymborska bravely sneaking her work past the censors. You are courageous, too, writing in English as your second language.

Dzienkuja bardzo.

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