the black heart


the black heart of stone

pumps black blood into 

the blackened veins

tireless day after day


it used to be fiery red


felt feelings deeply

knew love very well


now transformed

doesn’t want to feel 

anything anymore

fills up only on hate


it changed a long time ago

hurt too many times

lost hope

forever petrified


beats in strong rhythm

listening to the whispers

of black shadows

evil spirits from the past

pouring hate into the heart


black heart listens

remembers well

works hard determined

to never get hurt again


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Hazel ettridge

Sat 18th Aug 2018 11:35

There is something of native american wisdom to this poem. Be a warrior Anya. Courage!

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Kate G

Sat 18th Aug 2018 10:49

Anya, this is my favourite one of yours so far. Really excellent.

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Fri 17th Aug 2018 19:33

Thank you John and Jeronth!!! Xx

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Thu 16th Aug 2018 21:21

Thank you so much Hannah!!! 😘

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Hannah Collins

Thu 16th Aug 2018 20:33

Sad and moving.
This is what life can do.
A brave and emotional piece.

Hannah x

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Thu 16th Aug 2018 13:34

Thank you J R Harris!!! 😘

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Thu 16th Aug 2018 07:39

Thank you so much Desmond and Damon!!! 😘😘

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Wed 15th Aug 2018 21:31

Thank you Hugh!!! 😘

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Wed 15th Aug 2018 20:33

A bloody good hearty poem.

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Wed 15th Aug 2018 19:06

Thank you so much Graham, Avishek, Taylor and Jon!!!

Thank you Ferris!!!

I agree hearts are very fragile, we need to take care of it better.

Lots of love 😘😘😘😘

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Taylor Crowshaw

Wed 15th Aug 2018 17:50

Beautiful Anya..simply beautiful..

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Wed 15th Aug 2018 16:14


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Graham Sherwood

Wed 15th Aug 2018 15:51

Hearts are very fragile things. Keep it safe.

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Darren J Beaney

Wed 15th Aug 2018 15:14

Very glad to hear that you have a fiery red heart Anya - I thought it would be the case, but didn't want to ask just in case.

great poem...


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Wed 15th Aug 2018 15:10

Thank you so much Big Sal, Don and Darren!!!

From the bottom of my heart ( fiery red one ❤️)

Anya xxx

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Don Matthews

Wed 15th Aug 2018 15:07

Well done Anya 😎

Big Sal

Wed 15th Aug 2018 14:46

Should be applied to a wall to be remembered for all time and constantly read in public. Another great piece Anya, very well done.👍

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