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Escaping the darkness

She has dark days and dark nights, and bright days and starry skies. He was diluting the darkness into brightness. But then he became annoyed at her darkness and started to see it all the time even when it wasn’t there. He would poke and prod for it, he was finding boxes of darkness that didn’t exist until he started creating them and suddenly she had more to carry than she realised. He was shouting at her for not being able to carry all the boxes properly. She was struggling but he wanted her to smile and not ask why he had made the boxes for her to carry. She was struggling. Trying not to answer back and smile through the heaviness. Scared to drop any boxes in case they broke and the darkness came flooding and she would lose him in it. 

Then suddenly something happened. She was looking at her boxes, and the darkness flowed out, it engulfed him and all she could see was his burning eyes of anger, and his sharp tongue cutting through the fog. She was sad, but she hd to get free. She opened her wings and rose, the boxes fell but they were never hers anyway. She rose and flew away from the fog. 


She hoped one day he would escape himself and call out for her. She will always be listening for his voice 




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