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Updated: Sun, 28 Jul 2019 10:34 pm

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I am me. Puurple Goddess Ascending to MAXIMUM greatness... missing you .


misguided.. waiting on my lover mm mm the first lover is like no other facing a sad, hard truth.. I aint ever met no one else like you. for a chance of your touch, id split myself in 2. o' the blood id spill to get to you. fighting, fighting,fighting for our love. im running and drowning.. feels like im living in thick mud. JUST A KISS! or maybe even just a hug.. hold my hand. be my friend... say that you will never leave again the first feels like my best and worst.. all the others , pre rehearsed ...


over and over I see your face something is telling me to not leave this place I dont want to be here I dont want- I really just lied to myself no no no yees yees yees stop making me feel like its a fucking test I cant eat , I cant rest what you gone do when you've already had the best narcisisst ? no! that was a question to myself I love you I love you I love YOU there is no way around it even if I tried to conceal the truth even if I drowned it I use to not be ok without you now im worse going over and over about how I jes had to be a bust know I re read your message the one you left for me you made me wait to read it that made me anxious made me want to see it and then- after a thousand re runs just simply thinking that its sweet DAWNED on me that it wasn't love it was more than that its almost like you had brought the future waaay waaay waaay back into the past but in that moment , it was the present if I would have stayed ignorant I would have never felt it I love YOU I miss YOU I know you think im crying out but its more of a whisper cause its soo loud but no ones listening like back when I had a temper ooohhh yeehh , you'd be there but you wouldn't be scared you were like this romantic BULL heart pumping bloody ready & full...

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