We enter this world on days when life is slightly kinder

Pushed by our family in our pushchair, 

we are content.

As we've grown, we are given happiness as a gift



We are given happiness with gifts, 

the sweetness of our mother's kiss, 

the softness of a kitten

We were unaware of the concept of age

We gave love willingly, 

our first kiss being messy and confusing

but we were young and time just didn't matter 

however many mistakes we made, there was always more time

more time to fix it

more time to maybe make it worse

whatever we chose, we were given 


But now we are older

whatever we choose we've had to work for

Mistakes stuck

and they stuck bad

Our first kiss became our last

and we had new firsts with new people

Age isn't a concept, it is an actuality 

and we aware of it everyday 

Sometimes we gave gifts, 

like roses as flushed as your lover's cheek 

and other times we were given gifts

but these gifts did not lead to happiness

the petals had been torn off and we were given the thorns

We have been left to be pushed by our families in wheelchairs

And we leave this world when life is slightly harsher




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Sofia Urquiza

Tue 24th Apr 2018 21:23

* 3👍s up!

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Sofia Urquiza

Tue 24th Apr 2018 21:22

It's beautiful 🌷👍

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Phillip Kelly

Sun 25th Jun 2017 22:06

A very powerful poem about life and aging..... Very effective imagery to describe the harshness bleakness of getting old

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