Far Away

Is the high worth the pain?

Or for the sunshine is the rain?

Stuck between this world and yours,

Both of my feet in different doors.

Quiet and desolate desert night,

My soul thirsts for your love's light

Restless and weary as I lay, Far away, Far away.

The whistling wind and blowing breeze,

The moon, it sets my mind at ease

The sun radiates through my soul,

Warming where life has left its toll.

The shifting sand beneath my feet,

Between them I and purpose meet

Carrying me along each day, Far away, far away.

It would never be my choice to go,

And leave you behind, you should know

Pushing forward unto dawn,

Duty drives me on and on.

Stuck between hate and love,

Pain I can't get enough of My heart bleeds as I always stay, Far away, far away.

To hold you as I hold this gun,

To take you by the hand and run Across a wide and open field,

Into the future we will build.

Yet My hands tied, my feet in stocks,

My soul shackled in life's locks I take the price I have to pay, Far away, far away.

Finally I'm coming home,

Where my feet no longer roam

Into that sacred and hallowed place,

Where I'm held in your embrace.

Yet to my land I feel a stranger,

Fearing freedom as if it were danger

Restless and weary as I lay,

At home, yet forever far away.

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