18 months experience

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18 months experience in:

filing, stacking and procrastination.

Got all the skills you need

to capture your attention.

I' ve made a million cups of tea

and then watched it, undrunk, swirl down the plughole

with a gurgle it was gone,

Like my ambition.

£250 a week

to sit and chat,

wonder what to do at the weekend,

Wondering, where's the party at?

Finally five o'clock comes,

wearily rise and gone.

Say goodbye to all the cups of tea,

and the big wigs

who say i've done my spreadsheets wrong

ambitionvoided ambitionwork

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Thu 9th May 2013 11:58

Haha! Great poem Emma! Very funny illustration too!

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Jeff Dawson

Fri 14th Aug 2009 12:31

Hi Emma, like this anecdotal, diary like poem, nice one. One thing that puzzled me is did you mean to use wander/wandered etc rather than wonder etc, bit ambiguous under context its written but obviously changes the meaning and probably subtley clever if you did!

By the way I work for MCC (benefits and council tax in moss side), maybe see ya soon, work or poetry, best wishes Jeff X

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Dave Morgan

Mon 3rd Aug 2009 18:05

Indeed I was, small world, must get back to it, everything's half finished, haven't got time to pass a decent sized poem let alone a 30 minute script, I'll look out for your offering, cheers.

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Anthony Emmerson

Mon 3rd Aug 2009 11:36

Hi Emma,
You're right of course - work is a thankless task - the evil necessity that occurs between weekends! The human species was never meant to be enslaved in this totally unnatural and regimented way. What have we done/allowed to happen to ourselves?


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Mon 3rd Aug 2009 09:50

you're right dave i am maybe a little bit more caught up now with putting stuff out there so i can get some comments back- I wrote this poem in about ten minutes when i was at work and i knew then that it was a bit 2D when I did it. PS were you on the scriptwriting for screen course?

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Dave Morgan

Mon 3rd Aug 2009 09:21

Hi Emma, Looking at your last few entries I like your style, short and to the point, anecdotal, diary-like, all very recognisable. Like above illustration too, v.funny but two edged. One small point, unless you really mean to, think of some other word or phrase rather than repeating on successive lines eg tea/tea, gone/gone ( even a coffee for a tea and a done for a gone ), but no matter keep 'em rolling.


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