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Sex Addict


I want one on my face

And one down south

A dog on my back

And a hamster in my mouth

Put me on your lap

And talk filth in my ear

Whilst you cheese grate my forehead

And ram a vase up my rear

Take a soldering iron to my nipples

Sandpaper my vag

Throw me onto the end of an opened badge

I want to feel pain

There’s no time for sorrow

Fuck me with a roll of carpet

Like there’s no tomorrow

Come in my ears

Shave my head with a bic

I want to lick weed killer off your dick

Blindfold me with duck tape

And beat me with a spanner

Film me with a length of skirting board

And send it to my Nanna

I won’t consider gang bangs

They’re far too dull

Tie me to a mobility scooter

And drag me naked through Hull

Whip me with a Hoover nozel

And cover me in tar

I draw the line at using gloss paint

That’s taking things too far

Pour petrol on my arse cheeks

And set them on fire

I could say I don’t like staple guns

But I’d be a liar

Curl out a turd on my foot

I want to watch you strain

Stuff fibreglass up my nose

And I’ll come like a train

Tattoo my eyelids

And rip off my lips

Amputate my arms

And fracture my hips

Pull out my spinal cord

And swing it round your head

You’re sleeping with the sex addict

Welcome to my bed

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Ged Thompson

Sun 24th Nov 2013 00:13

I like this X

<Deleted User> (4519)

Sat 1st Aug 2009 17:52

You're too top! x

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winston plowes

Tue 21st Jul 2009 21:31

Nurse... the screens !

Profile image

John Darwin

Mon 20th Jul 2009 14:16

F*** me sideways this scares me. I just hope no cheese was abused during the making of this poem.


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Sun 19th Jul 2009 23:45

A&E for so OTT S&M
Why proactive
Seek help soonest!!:(

Profile image

Anthony Emmerson

Sun 19th Jul 2009 23:39

Ouch! Bring on the revolving cactus . . .
A.E. ;-)

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Sun 19th Jul 2009 20:09

I somehow can't imagine you curling a turd on a woman's shoe Jeff - but I guess everyone has their hidden depths...

Profile image

Jeff Dawson

Sun 19th Jul 2009 19:06

Fantastic Mia, glad you posted the watered down version!!! Ha, blimey, what were you on when you wrote this?

I will be recommending you get some psychiatric help, having said that you can stay at mine anytime!! Jeff X

Profile image

Mia Darlone

Sun 19th Jul 2009 11:48

Yeah, I soiled myself for weeks after that night x

Profile image

Gus Jonsson

Sun 19th Jul 2009 11:12

Yes You have ... dya remember that time I took you home on a wheelbarrow...

Profile image

Mia Darlone

Sun 19th Jul 2009 11:05

I wouldn't know Gus, I've never done it x

Profile image

Gus Jonsson

Sun 19th Jul 2009 10:49

Hi Mia

Can I just have some clarification... would itstill be in the missionary position, without the light on.?

Gus xx


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